Abax Kingfisher: Offering Unique Mobile Storage in Sydney!

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Abax Kingfisher is providing versatile mobile shelving systems. We know and are driven to creating spaces that are innovative, inspiring and enlivening.

Mobile shelving is a latest kind of storage system usually found in various workplaces and business associations. High density mobile storage systems are very cost effective, as they help in the proper use of profitable floor space.

Mobile Storage in Sydney varies in shape, size, coloring and material to suit your taste and requirements. They help in storing large amounts of data, in this way avoiding clutter in the workplace. With the assistance of these high density shelves you can double the limit of capacity or the filing of various documents and archives. This makes an extra floor place in your office for other essential purposes.

Abax Kingfisher's ability in building furniture for the most requesting of office and school conditions implies that we have the heritage and reputation in influencing our furniture to last. You can assume that any shelving that you buy from us will stand the trial of time, and not require replacement or repair for some, many years. Among education furniture providers in Australia, we are famous for our imaginative outlines, that help make flexible learning situations that advantage the client.

Our mobile storage system is a space saver in light of the fact that shelves can "slide" back and forth as required. At the point when nobody needs to use a shelf, it can be "slid" by another, so that there's no space being wasted in between. This process additionally helps to preserve documents, by reducing their exposure to the components when "at rest."

Secondly, they should be built vigorously; typical racks don't moved around much, however mobile shelves will be always hit into each other and the friction and effect of that implies they should be manufactured intense in order to keep going for a longer time period, as you would anticipate that shelves will do. Out of the different kinds of mobile shelving, you have to search for the most modern, thorough, classy and inventive high thickness stockpiling frameworks. These recording frameworks are anything but difficult to be introduced and furthermore require a low measure of maintenance. Mobile Storage in Sydney lasts forever.

About the Company:

100% Australian owned and operated, Abax Kingfisher source and manufacture exceptional products from a large range of Australian suppliers as we have a strong belief in supporting our community. Our furniture is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. We offer innovative design and focus on creating spaces that are usable by you.

Contact details:

Address: Abax Kingfisher Pty Ltd
7/1 Cowpasture Place,
Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Phone Number: 1300 300 369

1300 400 369 ACT

1300 500 369 Queensland

1300 600 369 Victoria

1300 800 369 All other States & Territories

email: info@abaxkf.com.au

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