Security Systems for offices and warehouses

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If you’re a business owner, you want to protect your offices and warehouse from any intruders that may want to inflict damage to your property or steal valuable contents. You also want to protect your employees and everyone under your supervision from any harm that intruders may inflict on them. Sometimes, a guard isn’t enough to watch the whole building. This is why you need to install a security system.

Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems make it easier for your security personnel to keep an eye on the entire building. For this system, you have two options: You can either install analog CCTVs or digital CCTVs.

Digital CCTVs (also known as Internet Protocol or IP CCTVs) capture a clearer picture than analog CCTVs; the former can capture up to three megapixels while the latter can capture up to one megapixel at best. They also store videos differently. A digital CCTV uses a computer network (hence, Internet Protocol) to send and receive data, while an analog CCTV sends a video feed to a Digital Video Recorder or DVR. The former is also more flexible and scalable because they don’t need to be directly hooked up to a DVR. Its connectivity options allow you to set up multiple cameras within one system without worrying about the length of wires and the distance of the cameras from the DVR.

Therefore, digital CCTVs are better in terms of video quality, flexibility, and scalability. However, they also cost significantly higher than analog CCTVs.

Intruder Alarm System

An intruder alarm system will add another layer of protection to your offices and warehouse. It monitors any unauthorized entry to your building and triggers an alarm whenever someone tries to invade your property. An intruder alarm system uses different components to secure your home. It may have a passive infrared sensor (PIR), a magnetic sensor for windows and doors, a glass sensor, a shock sensor, a smoke sensor, etcetera. It also has a keypad where you can input a code that you’ll only share with authorized personnel. Additionally, an intruder alarm system will have a control panel that monitors different zones in your office space and warehouse.

Access Control System

An access control system has more advanced components that ensure the security of your building. It may include a keypad, voice recognition, biometrics, automatic locking of doors and windows, alarms for when someone tries to break in, a fire alarm, a remote control, and a control panel. With these components in place, you enable restricted entry to your property. Only authorized personnel will have access to the security measures that you put in place. An advanced access control system also allows you to store any security data on a cloud service, so you can access these files wherever you are and whenever you want.

By combining these security systems, you ensure the safety of your property, assets, and employees. And while most business owners only depend on security camera systems, you should definitely take advantage of the more advanced security that an intruder alarm system and an access control system offer.

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