Five Wedding Decoration Ideas on a Budget

 John Smith

A wedding decoration doesn’t have to cost a lot, especially if you want to spend more on food, entertainment, and maybe an open bar. At the same time, it doesn’t have to look cheap even when it’s cheap. Here are five beautiful yet inexpensive wedding decoration ideas on a budget.

1. Mason jars

Yes, mason jars are still a thing, mostly due to the fact that they’re so versatile. You can put candles in them, use them as a flower vase, or make unique and decorative place cards with them as the base. To make them fit your wedding theme, you can spray-paint mason jars in the colour of your wedding. Or, to make them look elegant and sophisticated, opt for a simple gold spray-paint to add a touch of sparkle to your tables.

2. Twinkle lights

Twinkle lights just add a touch of magic in any venue, don’t you think so? They look romantic no matter how you decide to use them. If you have long tables at your wedding, you can add them to the running centrepiece. At the same time, you can use them as a backdrop or hang them on the ceiling. You can even put them inside mason jars (yes, mason jars again!) and use them as decorative pieces in your table. Twinkle lights are as versatile as mason jars and together, they make a great combo.

3. Burlap

Yes, burlap—that thick, brown cloth that you associate with a potato sack. When used properly, however, burlap can actually look sophisticated even though it’s really cheap, which makes it a perfect design element for a wedding on a budget. You can use burlap as a table runner or a placemat. You can cut it into tiny squares and use those as table numbers or place cards. Using a simple white paint, just write the table numbers and name of your guests on the burlap and—voila! You have a cheap but beautiful wedding decoration.

4. Flat stones

Another unconventional wedding element that not many people associate with weddings is a bunch of flat stones. You can find these in a gardening store, a craft store, or in a netted bag in your local dollar store. Now, you may be wondering, “What am I using flat stones for?” Well, you can actually have your guests write short and sweet messages on them during that time between the ceremony and reception, so that they’re not just idly standing by. If you have a short transition between the ceremony and reception, this activity may even replace cocktail hour.

5. Lanterns

You can make lanterns a more interesting wedding design element by not putting candles in them. Instead, use them as a flower vase, or put pictures of you and your fiancé in them. Hang them around the reception hall or use them to decorate the aisle.

Wedding decorations don’t have to be expensive. If you like arts and crafts projects, these five wedding decoration ideas will help you save a ton of money while also allowing you to express your creativity and personality during your wedding.

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