These are the 4 Colours that Boost Employee Productivity

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Research has constantly proven that colours not just influence people’s moods, but also has a great impact on productivity as well. This is why one has to be really mindful of picking the right paint colour for their workspace. Work with commercial painters and pick a colour that sparks creativity and enhances productivity. Keep on reading to know about the different colours that are ideal for your office space.

The four primary colours that have psychological influence include:

- Blue
- Green
- Yellow
- Red


Blue is considered a stable and calming colour that helps employees to increase their focus and concentration. Blue is universally accepted as the best colour for productivity. It can be used as a base colour to paint the entire office, which could then be complemented with other matching colours for desks and interior décor. A painter can help you out with this.


For those who carry out long hours at work, green is the most suitable colour. This colour helps anyone to remain calm under pressure and be productive at the same time. Green also helps reduce eye strain, unlike other primary colours. Simply put, green promotes a calm and composed work life for all.


The colour yellow is known to be optimistic and helps stimulate creativity. Therefore, yellow is ideal for office spaces that involve in designing projects and similar creative work. Employees can get their creative juices flowing and implement fresh ideas, as yellow sets the right mood for innovative work. Yellow is also the strongest psychological colour, hence make sure to choose yellow tones to boost creativity.


For jobs that usually involve physical activity, red is the ideal colour for the workspace. Red is proven to increase heart rate, blood flow, and also boosts passion and emotion. Red is usually observed to have a powerful impact on anyone, thus triggering a physical response. Therefore, use this colour only in areas where it’s absolutely necessary. Use this colour in the wrong place and it will only invoke stress, causing major hindrance in productivity.

Choosing the Right Colour isn’t Enough:

Choosing the right colour for your commercial space is only a part of the process. The next immediate step is picking the right brightness that enhances one’s productivity levels. The rule of thumb is that it should be neither too bold nor too dull.

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