Tips to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversary

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Be it the first or 50th wedding anniversary, the charm of this day never fails to overwhelm you and your partner. On this special occasion, your partner deserves a special surprise. What better surprise there could be than sending beautiful flowers for your loved one?

In fact, offering flowers as a gift to honor the day is still the most popular and treasured anniversary gift. Flowers stole the heart, and now it’s your turn to steal their attention with anniversary flower bouquets hand-delivered by providence florist.

Here are a few tips to choose the right flower delivery for your next wedding anniversary

Consider your anniversary milestone

When you are on the hunt for providence flower delivery, flowers that convey a message of love like red roses, orchids, and tulips are an excellent choice.

However, if you want to make the occasion even more memorable, you can go a step further and offer a more personalized gift by considering your anniversary milestone.

1st Anniversary – Go for Carnations, as they represent strength and affection.
3rd Anniversary – Try sunflowers - they indicate passion and trust.
5th Anniversary – Daisies represent fidelity and hope
4th Anniversary – Geraniums symbolize happiness and positive emotions
10th Anniversary – Daffodils represent new beginnings
13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemums represent luck.
15th Anniversary: Roses symbolize love and romance.
20th Anniversary: Asters indicate wisdom and appreciation.
25th Anniversary: Iris represents hope and faith.
30th Anniversary: Lilies symbolize commitment and loyalty.
50th Anniversary: Yellow roses and violets mean happiness.

Pick a flower bouquet in her favorite color

If you are just looking for a present that will delight your love, you can go for a flower arrangement in her favorite color. Whether she likes bright red or purple or pastel pink, picking a floral arrangement of her favorite colors is a great way to ensure the gift is adored.

Choose a bouquet that represents your beautiful memories

Perhaps you spent a magical night filled with laughter and great conversation in a field of sunflowers, or you popped the big question during a candlelight dinner with red roses. Picking out the flowers that remind you both of your special moments is definitely a memorable gift on your anniversary. If you don’t have any unique moments, take a look at your wedding photos and notice the wedding bouquet. Visit the Providence flower shops and try to recreate the same.

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