5 types of in-demand meeting rooms in London

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Choosing the location for your meeting can set the tone for the event. Meeting spaces reflect not only on your personality but the character of your business. Thus, it is important to choose the perfect spot to reflect who you are.

London is a great city of mingling cultures and thought. With different people traversing new avenues, London is also a city of various businesses on many fronts. Thus, it is important for such a hub to have perfect spots for business transactions and conversations.

When it comes to choosing meeting rooms in London, there are a wide variety of places and ambiences to choose from. There are vibrant spots available that are not only professional but also set the aesthetics for the conference taking place.

1. Academic Undertone

An acclaimed student hub, London enjoys the collegiate atmosphere, with trending new ideas, and also caters to an elite academic crowd. Thus, meeting rooms in a college or classroom setting is a good sell for endeavours that cater to clients who are from similar backgrounds. Places like 11 Mandeville Place, which is a part of LSE, serve as a stellar example, with high-speed Wi-Fi, professional tone, and cultural influences as a part of the décor.

2. Environmentally Conscious

In a world which is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, conference locations which play an adequate role on environmental values and sustainability are popular. Locations such as Friends House, who attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, are thus the melting pot of ideas and are good for hosting talks on sustainability and progress.

These locations, in addition to being environment-friendly, are also usually big and airy and can accommodate smaller or larger groups of people. Thus, not only are they good for businesses which are socially aware, but also professional in their setting.

3. The Chill Loft

Converted studio spaces are making a huge-comeback as appropriate meeting rooms. These rooms have the feel of being current, energetic, and modern. Spaces such as Room the Penthouse, which is a remodelled Victorian clock factory, not only serve as locations of cultural significance, but also promote modernity.

These lofts are often located in posh London locales and can accommodate 20-30 people. Thus, they are good for setting a crisp undertone to business conversations. They are also outfitted with utilitarian facilities such as washrooms, or catering services, and have incredible views by virtue of their modern architecture.

4. Theatre Style

London is a city of deep literary history and is dotted with small theatre spaces. Drama aside, these can serve as a good place for a business meeting. Not only do these auditoriums have good Wi-Fi, and adequate seating arrangements, but some also have the staff to cater to client needs.

Theatres style conference rooms such as the Arcola, off the West End in Hackney, is good for business meetings, presentations and conferences. These spots are well connected, give off a rustic yet modern feel, and are professional with their soundproof interiors of wood and brick.

5. Museums

Though it may seem unusual, museums are great locales to vow your business clients. Museums not only abound in art and culture but also have professional offices not open to the public. Apart from being artistic, museums also place a great value on time and are clean, contemporary spaces to house a meeting.

By virtue of being cultural hubs, they are also well connected. Since they cater to large crowds, museums also have good Wi-Fi, catering and parking facilities. A good example is a museum in Covent Garden, which houses the iconic London bus. Recently refurbished, this museum has an air of professionalism with a touch of old English history and can wow clients with its varied architectural influences, crowd-pleasing ability, and its blend of traditional and contemporary cultural values.

Thus, if you are looking for a meeting and conference rooms in London, these are a few types of locales to try. A blend of aesthetic and professional, with good ratings and peer reviews, these conference spots could be great business experiences.

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