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Take a deep breath because here, we bring you another thrilling news shot about ‘Advertising Age’…..oops, ‘Ad Age’ now rebranding & a debut new logo!

It’s that spring in September this year when the creative Marketing and Media-focused magazine Advertising Age; feeling disturbed by their old logo ; no offense , went for a rebrand to Ad Age, now -called , with a crystal-new logo lined up to introduce for its lovely readers. Eager to receive their valuable comments & hit likes, expectedly.

Alongside a new logo, the mag’z also felt pride in celebrating the victory with a catch tagline as a complimentary with rigorous branding activations across all media & non-media, ATL, BTL platforms on first Monday of the month.

Josh Golden, an eminent publisher at Ad Age revealed the zeal behind the move in his latest conversation with Publishers Daily.

"Our name change is a symbol to our audience about our evolution. It not only reflects becoming current, but it also reflects a philosophical shift to go beyond advertising as the primary form of our content. We are a brand that covers the intersection of marketing and culture, and it's now reflected in our name”.

Brian Braiker, one of the editorial guy at Ad Age added his POV in a post on the site that the brand deserved to expand beyond its just-trade-publication image towards entrenching its coverage buttons beyond industry.

"It’s time to widen the aperture. Everything is a brand. Everything is an ad for itself. So our coverage needs to reflect the broader culture beyond the weeds of our industry. We'll still get into those weeds, but we'll also explore the flowers," He wrote.

The credit of the just-new branding for this 87-year-old publication group goes to Crain Communications includes, the September 25 print and digital issue, and Ad Age’s personal social channels.

Dazzling yet bright bands of color now stem-out across the new website; spreading the colors of passion & hope towards the same-quality readership.

Ad Age's got its embryonic logo inspiration from that original 1930’s concept & the tagline have arrived to its first right from that year: “Important to important people.”

Regardless of the nods to the brand's initial emphasis; Ad Age’s planned its content theme, the following week, to be totally fitting into the capacity of “reinvention,” with a red-focus on humans, machines, & brands that have modified, revamped, innovated or evolved to “"drive change."

The magazine is now split into three active cover stories; featuring: The Rock and his new ad agency, Sheryl Sandberg and her Facebook guys, and Megyn Kelly gossiping about her shift plans to host day-time shows rather than focusing those dirty politics.

So, what’s next?.......

The new changes are that the readers would now experience a separate ‘Creativity vertical section’, made published in the Ad -Age print edition because Ad Age has now integrated its key Creativity and Data-center product showcase together.

You would get latest updates, gossips coverage & sweet stories on everything about innovation, culture and technology.

Ad Age’s events and awards section is now evolved with a more universal design treatment; created by ‘Original Champions of Design’, co-founded by Jennifer Kinon and Bobby C. Martin. Jr.

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