A Comprehensive Guide to Buy the Best Punching Bags for Home

 Jack David

Buy the Best Punching Bags for Home

Boxing is one of the most effective workout routines for fitness and strength training. It is also among the most budget-friendly sports. Set up a home gym with minimal training equipment for boxing to start with. For this, all you need is to get yourself the best punching bag for home. Next, find the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training. And don’t forget to get some warm-up training equipment like dumbbells and a skipping rope. Because it’s always wise to start with a warm-up and then proceed to hit the bag.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can choose the best punching bag for your home gym and how it will help your fitness routine.

Choosing the Best Punching Bag for Home

There are different types of punching bags for sale in stores. The heavy bags are for strength training while speed bags improve, agility, stamina, accuracy and timing. A double end bag allows you to practice a stationary target, while the specialty bags help with focus and target specific practice.

A heavy bag is the best punching bag for your home gym. These are ideal for cardio workout, lets you practice at your full potential and allows you to relieve stress naturally. Heavy bags come in a variety of sizes, weights and fillings. Here are the details to help you understand how these factors affect your training.

Find the Perfect Size

Punching bags come in the size range 2.5 feet to 6 feet. The smaller 2.5 feet to 3 feet range is for kids. 3.5 feet bags are ideal for women, while the 4 feet ones are the most versatile. They are used by both men and women. They allow you to practice a variety of fighting combinations including. The longer 5 and 6 feet bags are usually the freestanding Muay Thai bags. They let you practice footwork along with the punching technique.

The 4 feet length is ideal for home gyms. With the right weight, these bags are great for strength, and resistance training. At the same time, they let you practice a wide range of targets.

Find the Bag with the Right Weight

Heavy bags offer great resistance. This makes them ideal for strength training. But in your home gym, you are looking for cardio too. This means your bag should be heavy enough to take your punches, at the same time it should not stay completely stationary. Go with a 50 to 60 pounds bag. Lower weight class than that, and you will have a swinging bag with every hit.

Never make the mistake of hanging your punching bag to the ceiling beam, unless you live in a repurposed warehouse apartment. Nowadays, most good quality punching bags come with a suspension swivel stand which can be attached to the ceiling.

Don’t forget to Protect Your Hands

Your hands are your greatest asset as a boxer. Therefore, protecting them should be your top priority. Invest in genuine leather gloves if you can. They might seem a bit expensive, but they offer the best protection last with you for the next two to three years. That is why these are considered the best boxing gloves for heavy bags.

However, if you are low on budget, go with good quality PU leather gloves. Starpro offers a variety of premium quality PU leather gloves designed specifically for optimal protection and comfort. These are the best heavy bag gloves for beginners.

Hand wraps are also crucial. They offer added protection to your hands while keeping your gloves fresh and sweat free.

Punching bag training is an ideal boxing and fitness workout. It is a great cardiovascular exercise, improves you self-defense skills and punching techniques while enhancing your strength as well as stamina. You can check out premium quality boxing gloves, training equipment for boxing and punching bags for sale at Starpro website.

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