How to set up a safe and secure Web server

 Alan Thomas

Cybersecurity is a top priority for those making an online business.

To maintain a secure server, the users are usually suggested to review the server status regularly, make backups and provide documentation for Content Management System.

For example, an external firewall, vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection are needed to protect the server from being attacked.

External firewall

It is the first layer of defence for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). With permitted ports, protocols and IP addresses, the lockdown of incoming and outgoing network traffic gives protection for a server. Memset is a company that offers Memset Packet Patrol firewall to shield its clients’ VPS while operating through the control panel.

Vulnerability scanning

An external firewall cannot withstand all malicious network traffic to gain access to the server. Memset Perimeter Patrol Vulnerability Scanning imitates the hackers’ actions to look for expired software which contain loopholes. The scanning system probes open network ports and compares their configurations, compiling a threat report of the server to expose the hackers.

With a monthly scan which takes less than 20 minutes, critical analysis and suggestions will be emailed through the admin contact for the control panel of the server. Revisions will be done by an engineer of the administration.

In usual settings, critical issues will be fixed by the engineering team of the server’s host without affecting the server. But it is likely that the engineer will inform the admins of the server before making any changes if the repairing process affects the operation of the server.

Intrusion Detection

Penetration Patrol Intrusion Detection is the last defence against the hackers. The purpose of such detection is to make sure any illegal actions of modifying the server will be stopped, and the server will return to normal operations.

An agent and management server are deployed as a two-layer intrusion detection system. The former gathers information from logs files for internal measurements, while the latter is a different server which users have no access and is located physically different from the VPS. It processes data from the agent for further analysis.

The intrusion detection system monitors several variables–System Binaries and Configuration Integrity Checking, Log Files, Suspicious Network Connections and Rootkits and Malware. The first type of checking works by taking a unique fingerprint of all system binaries and configuration files; the second produces documentation of the activity of the system and application; the third inspects any ordinary network connections which may imply malicious programs which install themselves.

While there are totally 15 levels of alerts to make sure the system is well managed, it is recommended that multiple user-generated errors (level 10) are deployed. This level includes multiple bad passwords, failed logins and so on. Any minor attacks will also be detected.

Any selected level of alerts also includes the levels below the selected one. For example, if level 10 is selected, then all the alerts from level 1 to level 9 will also be included.

The essence of cybersecurity is always multi-faceted. Professional assistance from companies like Memset is possibly an anecdote to secure one’s VPS.

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