6 Reasons Why to Install a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen

 Archie Thompson

A home maker? Like to spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking delicious food for your loved ones? Ever thought about transforming your lifeless kitchen into something unique and stunning? If so, then installing a kitchen glass splashback is the most feasible decision you’ll make.

Here are six reasons why installing a glass splashback in your kitchen is the best bet:

1. Wall Protector

What can be one of the most important benefits of installing a kitchen splashback than protection to the walls? It’s true that a splashback can be a great protector to the walls. There are times when the cooking becomes messy and the sauce may get spilled. This is the reason why it’s wise to use a kitchen splashback as it keeps the walls protected from getting messy.

2. Heat Resistance

Buying a splashback from a material other than glass is not advisable. This is because it includes the risk of warping, damage and perhaps fire from the heat which is produced by cooking. A glass splashback will save you big money when it comes to its repairs as well as maintenance.

3. Colour

You’ll be spoiled for choice as there are several colours which are available in splashbacks for kitchens. Want to give a bright look to your kitchen? Then choose bold colours for that visual appeal. You must know what colour options are available so that you can make your decision accordingly.

4. Affordable

The glass splashbacks cost an arm and a leg when compared to the tiles but they’re also more durable. When installing a kitchen glass splashback, you don’t need to re-tile as you have to in case of tiles. So when you compare the longevity of splashbacks, they’re the most affordable solution.

5. A Homely Feel

Not only do glass splashbacks give a fresh and spacious feel to your kitchen, but they also transform it into a wam space. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed while making the most of your meal after an exhausted day.

6. Easy to Install

One of the best things about installing a splashback in your kitchen is that it’s comparatively easy to install. They can be cut as well as shaped into any size you want.


There is no denying the fact that the glass splashback is one of the fun elements that have been gaining immense popularity among homeowners. Many homeowners have already installed a glass splashback in their kitchen and reaping several various benefits.

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