What Are Some of the Best Google Pixel XL 1 Cases and Covers?

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The Google Pixel XL 1 is one of the hottest products sold from the stable of the search engine giant. It comes with a decent camera, powerful integration of the android OS, and virtual assistant.

However, the smartphone is huge and slippery. You do not want to drop it down by mistake. Nevertheless, accidents happen and before it is too late to realize, you are better off getting Google Pixel XL 1 cases yourself.

Listed are some of the best Google Pixel XL 1 cases, which are currently available in the market.

Diztronic TPU case

The Diztronic TPU case comes with a beautiful finish with matte. Not to mention, it is slim and robust, which gives ample protection to the smartphone. It has a lip, which covers the screen of the smartphone and a shell of a one-piece.

The openings on the case are accurate and provide ample room for the ports and button covers. You will also find a logo made of gloss that does not come with unnecessary details. You can get a basic version that comes in black or grey.

If you want a stylish case, then you do have come that comes with a chequered pixel pattern. You are welcome to try it out.

UAG composite case

The UAG composite case is one of the best Google Pixel XL 1 cases. It is a tough case to crack. You need not panic if you have dropped your expensive device by mistake with the case on it because it gives ample protection.

The case is made from hard material on the outside. At the same time, the inner material is soft and cushions the device from unwanted falls. You will want to know that the case is shock absorbent and comes wrapped in a shell that is translucent having pads for preventing a skid.

Since it is slightly on the heavier side, you will want to ensure that it is your smartphone and not your wallet. Sometimes you can get confused with the case and your wallet, due to its big size.

As usual, the buttons and gaps are adequately placed. You can also find room for charging and the headphone.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle case

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle case gives you with an angular shape. Not to mention, it is affordable. The case is made from TPU, which is shock absorbent and polycarbonate that is hard. Apart from that, you can find openings in the case for placing your charger and camera.

The massive 5.5-inch screen is protected with the help of a protector. You can also find a panel, which is located on the back of the case to help you view the design of Google, giving your device an elegant look.

However, you will want to know that the button covers come flush and are patterned. That enables you to find them, though they are hidden.

The Google Pixel XL 1 cases can be purchased from online stores at discounted rates. However, you can purchase them from traditional stores; online sellers offer more options and better rates.

It is ideal to get a rugged case for your expensive smartphone. You do not want it to become damaged easily as it is one of its weak points.

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