Essential Tips to Maintain Your Awning in Tip-Top Shape

 Steve Nakousis


The retractable awning is a perfect addition to your home, and if maintained well it can last for many years. The awnings combine form and function, adding beauty to the backyard or patio while providing much-needed shade and comfort.

Though your awnings look perfect for few months after installation, over time, it will start to look dull. If you let the dirt and dust accumulates on the awnings, after a while, it will be susceptible to mould and mild dew. But, it doesn’t mean that your awning should look dull and aged. You can help them look like newly installed one.

With these tips keep your awnings looking good throughout the year

Seasonal awning care

Sweep all the dirt off both the top and the bottom of the retractable awnings in Sydney. Dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris can make the awning look dull and causes discolouration. Sweeping regularly not only keep the awning fabric looking bright and pristine, but also prevents dirt from building up over time. Use a soft bristles broom to protect the fabric from wear.

Periodically trim the shrubs, trees, and vines to keep them away from touching or rubbing on the fabric. Some plants do contain an acid that may wear down the fabric causing discolouration. Moreover, twigs and branches can tear and poke holes in the awnings. So keep away the plants from awnings.

Check for any signs of holes or any other damages and fix them immediately. Delaying may worsen the damages and result in replacing with new fabric.

Yearly awning care

Wash the retractable roof systems Sydney with water and mild soap. Apply the solution on the fabric using a soft bristled brush or cloth and allow some time for the solution to soak in. Then, rinse the awning thoroughly with a hose, until all the soap and dirt is gone. Proper rinsing is essential because the soap residue may discolour or provide a place to grow mild dew.

If you have a retractable awning make sure it is completely dry before you retract them. Retracting wet awnings can also allow mildew growth.

Practice spot cleaning

If you notice any bird droppings, tree sap, paint, oil, and rust clean those on the spot because all of these can leave stains if they are not treated quickly.

The retractable awnings Sydney prices are affordable and follow these guidelines to maintain them in tip-top shape.

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