3 Smart Ways to Invest and Diversify your Portfolio

 Anamika Verma

Saving is one habit that can pay you back! Yes, you must have always been told by your parents when you have some money to save it as much as possible! Have you ever wondered what the logic was for them saying you to save at such a young age?

The logic is simple – that saving no matter for what you did and for how much amount you did matters. Let’s give you the example of small savings that you used to make in your piggybanks for purchasing any favourite toy or another thing.

Now that you have grown, you should not be ruling out savings from your life, especially when you are earning.

It’s because saving and investing money in modern piggybanks such as fixed deposits can help you not only grow your money but even raise an emergency fund to face the future with confidence.

In the same context, let’s provide you three smart ways or investment options where you can invest money and earn fabulous returns.

  1. Fixed deposits

FD is one of the finest investment or financial tool which lets you earn around 8% fixed deposit interest rate returns. Here are some amazing features:

  • FDs can let you earn around 8% FD interest rate profits

  • They are secure, reliable and market proof method with a flexible tenor to grow your money

  • You can avail cumulative or non-cumulative FDs. Cumulative fixed deposit offers higher interest gains as ROI is calculated on compounding basis while non-cumulative lets you earn interest gains on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis

  • You can prematurely withdraw your FD if needed

  • You can also avail a loan against the FD keeping the FD amount as the collateral

  • FDs come with easy renewals, and you can also earn more interest gains if you reinvest or renew them with a leading company

  1. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are another great financial investment tool that can help you avail good returns but since they are not fixed as they are governed by market conditions. Some features to take a note:

  • The option lets you invest your money in market securities

  • The securities get issued by organizations seeking to raise funds on a monthly or yearly basis

  • You can gain interest based profits as high as 8-9%

  • The returns are not fixed as they depend on market conditions

  1. Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposits or RDs are also an excellent way to earn around 6% or more interest gains while saving an amount as little as Rs.500. Some features to take a note

  • You can open an RD with a bank and other service providers with only Rs.500

  • You get the flexibility of the tenor ranging between 3, 6, 9, 12 months or more

  • You can earn around 6% interest on recurring deposits

  • You are free to close your RD account prematurely and not pay the penalty (depends on a service provider)

The Bottom Line

Now that you are well-versed about the smart investment options that will help your money to grow, invest in these modern piggybanks and make the most of it. Happy investing!

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