Here Are the Most Recommended Mutual Funds You Should Invest In

 Dishika Baheti

How will you choose a perfect mutual fund scheme to invest in? A harsh reality that not all have adequate financial literacy makes most of the investors depend on the mutual fund experts to get the best exposure in the investment world. It is not important that everyone should be perfect in everything. Different people have different capabilities and expertise depending on their profession.

Mutual fund investments are the best of all as they offer the investors an amazing exposure to the share market to reap high benefits even if they have inadequate knowledge of finance. It is because of the professionals who are managing the scheme in which you invest. Moreover, the expert planners also help the investors to do their financial planning efficiently. They recommend the suitable schemes on the basis of some of the factors which influence the performance of the funds.

The Top Two Best Recommended Mutual Fund Schemes Are:

Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme (G): One among the most recommended funds by the expert financial planners, this scheme of Kotak Mutual Fund has performed extremely well in the long-year tenure. Right after its launch in the year 2007, it started making jumps in the market and kept growing the value, but as they say that the uncertainty can happen to anyone; the succeeding year, i.e., 2008, came with a great depression in the economy. Even after that the fund manager was keen to improve the performance of the scheme by making adequate changes in the portfolio. He succeeded, and the fund attained healthy growth in the following years. The past performance of the scheme showcases its returns generating nature. You can also see the trailing returns which depict its potential in providing significant returns over different tenure.

Reliance Small Cap Fund (G): This scheme of RMF is holding the second rank in the small & mid-cap category by CRISIL ratings for the quarter ended September 2017. The rank has been unchanged since the last quarter. It has showcased its potential in generating healthy returns in the long run. But, it remained a stable performer during its initial years. The scheme was launched in the year 2010 and has managed to attain impressive growth in the seven years by marking the NAV value of Rs. 43.23 as on November 03, 2017, and asset under management amounting to Rs. 4,546 crore as on September 2017. Being a fund of the small-cap category, it is aggressive toward growth in the long term and is highly volatile. The trailing returns of the scheme for the different tenure is shown in the table below which depict the potential of the fund in generating superior returns than its benchmark:

Henceforth, do not miss out to invest in the two top recommended schemes as mentioned above. Both the schemes are highly capable of providing excellent returns in the long-term investment tenure. So, stay invested for a longer duration to reap the best benefits.

In this article, two best recommended mutual funds are mentioned along with brief about their records and trailing returns.

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