Tips for Your Business to Stay Cyber Safe

 Kevin Marshall
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The risk of a cyber-threat is only increasing and now you have to be hyper aware of everything you are doing online. Hackers are coming up with increasingly deceptive ways to steal your information. As a business owner you should always be thinking of new ways you can protect yourself from cyber risks. Protecting yourself of cyber risks is imperative because it can have severe reputational, financial and legal consequences for your business. Therefore you need to take the time to understand what your cyber risks are and manage them well in order to better protect your business and your consumers.

Below are a few great tips for your business to stay cyber safe:

1. Ensure everyone is on board

It is important to talk with everyone and ensure that all your employees understand the relevance of cyber safety. By talking to your employees they become aware of their responsibilities to protect themselves and the business online.

2. Keep track of what your employee are doing

By giving your employees a unique login you are preventing unauthorised individuals accessing your network. As well as this, it also allows you to see what your employees are doing. It may seem unnecessary and a breach of their privacy, but they are at work and on a work computer. It is important to see the types of websites they are going to. This can help isolate and resolve user errors quickly and help minimise the chance of it happening again.

3. Understand cyber safety is a priority

As a business owner you are probably in charge of a lot of different areas and already have a lot on your plate. It is common to see cyber safety take a back seat to more important issues. However, this is to your own detriment. Cyber safety should be of top priority and you should be thinking of how you can best stay safe whenever you are online.

4. Hire an IT professional

If you are not an IT professional yourself and you try to set up your own network, software and systems you may not do a proper job. This therefore makes your business an easier target for hackers. By hiring an IT professional to set up and manage everything, you know you are doing everything you can to protect your business. You should also ensure the IT professional returns and preforms checks to ensure that everything still looks normal.

5. Install anti-virus software

Cyber threats come in all shapes and sizes from trojans or worms to viruses. Once these threats are in your system that can cause significant problems with your ability to effectively run your business and what’s more, these threats are always evolving and most of the time you don’t even know you have one until it’s too late. Therefore it is important that you install anti-virus software and ensure it is kept up to date.

One of the best ways to safe cyber safe and protect your consumers information is to purchase an SSL certificate. This encrypts the personal and private data on your website and without the encryption key it is virtually impossible to decode.

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