Role of Child Care Centers in Inculcating the Communication Skills to Your Kid

 Christene Brennan


Did you know? From the very beginning, infants pay close attention to language. During the first year, they can distinguish all speech sounds that occur in their respective native language.

Early language and communication skills are vital for your kid’s success in school and beyond. Apart from the parents, child care centers aid your little champions to develop the language and communication skills. So children who develop strong language and communication skills at the child care center are less likely to have difficulties to read and speak in their advanced school levels. This article explains the importance of communication skills in child development and various techniques handled by child care center.

Importance of Communication Skills in Child Development

The following are the reasons for teaching communication skills in child development,

- Aids in expressing their views and feelings.
- Facilitates learning and meaningful exchange of information with others.
- Boosts your child’s social IQ by helping him build healthy relationships during his interactions with other people.
- Assists in performing academic better.
- Without proper communication, your child may develop depression and feel low-esteemed.

What Are The Basics In Communication Skill That A Child Should Know?

- Proper eye contact, while speaking with others. Ignoring eye contact exhibits a lack of respect and interest.
- Speaking clearly and correctly.
- Advising kid not to interrupt an ongoing conversation.
- Develop listening skills, so that kids can listen and respond aptly.
- Fostering the art of entering a conversation politely and the right way to behave when somebody joins a lively discussion.

Activities And Games That Enhance Your Kid’s Communication Skills

The following are a few exciting games conducted in child care centers that make your kids participate, thus enhancing their communication skills,

Play Telephone – Forming a close circle, a child whispers a message into its neighbor’s ear, until everyone in the circle has taken a turn.

Pointing Directions – Making the kids write the directions to reach any nearby landmark. This helps them to understand and communicate better.

Show And Tell – Showing an object to the kids and make them speak a few words about it, will enhance their confidence, vocabulary, and eloquence.

Picture Storytelling – Provide the kids with a set of pictures and make them arrange it logically and spin a story on it.

Emotional Charades – Hand out a few cards to the kids that depict various emotions and make them act. This aids kids understand different facial expressions, signals and body posture when communicating.

Thus with rich language exposure children enhance their language and communication skills.

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