Four Party Ideas for "London Icons" Theme

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London is the home of many icons—in pop culture, in film, and in music. Don’t forget about the truly iconic Royal Family as well. And so, for a fun party with friends, here are 4 “London Icons” themed party ideas that you can try:

The Royals

With the Royals party theme, as you’ve already probably guessed, you need to embody the Royal Family. Therefore, every party element must be elegant and sophisticated. You want rich colours in your party such as deep red, emerald green, royal blue, and gold. For the place settings, you should use china and heavy cutlery. Ideally, there will be a long dining table where the host sits in the middle, with more important guests sitting closer to him. The table will be designed with beautiful flower arrangements and candles. The guests’ attire should be formal.

At the same time, you can simplify this party theme by having an afternoon tea party. Serve different tea flavours in dainty teapots with matching teacups, small finger sandwiches, biscuits, and other delicatessens. The guests will wear simple clothes as well; everyone’s Sunday’s best will be perfect for this theme.

The Beatles

Start with the music—The Beatles’ greatest hits should be playing all throughout the party. You can decorate the place with old records (or you can make “vintage records” using pieces of cardboard, shiny black spray paint, and disc titles printed on colourful paper), cut-outs of Ringo, John, Paul and George for your backdrop, and other retro-inspired décor. Girls will wear A-line miniskirts, colour block shift dresses, and knit shirts. Meanwhile, guys will wear bell-bottom jeans or slacks and long-sleeved shirts with wide collars and funky prints. Everyone will wear small, round glasses, which the members of the band popularized. You can also set up a photo booth. Put white strips of paper on the floor, so your guests can recreate Abbey Road.

Spice Girls

Planning a party for your girl friends? The Spice Girls will give you a ton of fun party ideas. You and your guests can wear 90s-inspired clothing that is true to the Spice Girls aesthetic: leopard-print pants for Scary Spice, a tight skirt with the UK flag for Ginger Spice, a sparkly dress for Baby Spice, black ensemble for Posh Spice, and a track suit and sports bra combo for Sporty Spice. For the décor, throw it back to the 90s with posters of famous TV and movies (hopefully from the UK) on walls, hanging CDs from the ceiling and setting up a photo booth with life-size cut outs of 90s heartthrobs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, and Will Smith.

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is a famous Hollywood director who was born in London. You can throw a Hitchcock-themed party by dressing up as characters from his movies. Marion Crane and Norman Bates from Psycho are a creepy but fun couple’s costume. For decorations, go for dark and scary because that’s what Alfred Hitchcock’s movies are famous for.

Planning one of these “London Icons” themed party ideas? If so, why not look for party venues London has to offer, and host a themed-party today. Now that you know the themes, go ahead, and choose the venues.

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