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Every fresh fruit produce is vulnerable to decay and thus to extend the life of same, the need to store the produce in cold storage rooms becomes imperative. Being perishable, fruits and vegetables have a limited shelf life. Preserving the freshness and to ripen the produce, there are techniques and procedures to undertake.

After the harvesting process concludes, it is nothing but a race against time. While many fruits are seasonal, we find them all year long in the marketplace. This is made possible with efficient and safe storage which maintains the freshness for extended time spans so as we get to savor the tastes all throughout the year.

As the growing and ripening process of fruit continues even after the product is plucked, what is required is that we control the process and thus avoid spoiling.

The importance of cold rooms in the fresh produce trade

The rise of cold storage solutions has reformed the fresh produce scenario and has enhanced the business with innovative solutions for safe storage.

 Flexible solutions for vast utilization

Whatever the type and volume of the produce is, you find an ideal cold storage solution that will ensure safety and extended shelf life. To suit vast requirements in the trade, cold storage solutions have evolved and empowered the fresh produce sector to allow better market availability.

 Effortless adjustability

The innovative cold rooms can be regulated as per the desired range of temperature that is most suitable for the type of produce. The temperature adjustability features make it possible to regulate the internal ambiance of the cold rooms and create the safest environment for the ripening and storage of fruits and vegetable to prevent rotting.

There are features to control and regulate the moisture levels within the cold room with complete control over the internal ambiance so that it is suitable for a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

 Prevention of rotting and wastage

Cold storage rooms are manufactured from the highest quality insulated panels that offer 100% safety from any leaks. This ensures great energy-efficiency and complete protection of the produce. Designed as per the specific requisites of the client, these cold storage chambers keep the product intact and ensure no spoiling and wastage.

Irrespective of the type and volume of the produce, it becomes imperative to invest in cold storage units for ensuring complete safety and protection of the produce. A vast plethora of factors like temperature, moisture- humidity, ventilation, and even gas emissions can be controlled as per the requirements. The highly efficient PUF insulated panels from EPACK, one of the top cold room manufacturers ensure the most innovative enclosures that are lightweight, durable and easy to install.

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