Everything you should know about Greaseproof Paper!

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Are you wondering how to use greaseproof papers? Greaseproof papers are specialty grade papers which are used widely in food packaging industries. These papers have low GSM typically and have some unique features which ensure the paper serves the desired purpose. If you require greaseproof papers, you can rely on greaseproof paper suppliers who can give you the highest standard of the specialty papers you need.

How are Greaseproof Papers made?

These papers are prepared by exposing it to high temperatures and often in direct contact with high grease levels. These characters enhance the greaseproof paper production process and also classify it as a specialty grade paper. greaseproof paper is available in varying levels of heat tolerance, so you have a range of options to pick one for your needs.

How and where are Greaseproof Papers used?

Food Industry:

Greaseproof papers are breathable that keeps wrapped food items like bread less soggy and fresh by letting moisture and steam escape. Greaseproof papers are perfect for packing foods like pizza, hot dogs, soft-shelled taco, popcorn, etc.

Packaging Industry:

Greaseproof papers are also used to protect perishable items, artworks, or products manufactured with grease coating to protect from rusting in packaging industries during shipping. These papers are often used as an inter-leaver between frozen meals and also as protective layers on textile. They also serve as pan liners, pet food bags, and release papers for floor tiles.

Available in different shapes and sizes, you can also choose to use customized printed greaseproof paper for advertising your products. This is one main reason why greaseproof papers are widely used in the food industry. They serve both as a packaging material and to advertise the brand.

How are Greaseproof Papers different from the Greaseproof board?

Greaseproof papers produced from refining paper stock are microwavable and are biodegradable. These papers are supercalendered to improve its density, thus creating glassine paper. These are also treated with starches and alginates in a size press to fill the pores in it, making the paper fat, oil, and grease repellent.

On the other hand, greaseproof boards serve various purposes in the baking industry. These boards are in such good grade to bake in a standard oven. These are designed to withstand freezing food and can also withstand Microwave and ovens reheat.

Thus greaseproof papers serve a lot of purpose in the food industries. Talk to the best printed greaseproof paper suppliers if you are in need of one.

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