How to Find the Top Windows Shared Hosting India Plans

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It is possible to get the top Windows shared hosting India plans regardless of the operating system you use. However, when you have built a site through .Net technologies or ASP.Net programs, it is better to opt for Windows shared hosting. Windows shared hosting is also recommended for businesses that use SQL for site database management and FrontPage for designing and uploading the site. The more popular operating system is Linux because it is open source and free of cost. Windows however is recommended for its familiarity. When your site needs Windows-based scripts and database applications, it is advisable to sign up with the top Windows shared hosting India provider. When you use specific technologies like Python or PHP or Perl, it is advisable to choose Linux shared hosting.

Tips to follow when choosing the top Windows shared hosting India provider:

  1. To start with, when choosing a plan, you need to review the control panel features you will get. It is better to sign up with a host offering Plesk; this will make hosting simpler and you can conveniently manage files and emails.
  2. When choosing the top Windows shared hosting India plan, you need to ensure that your provider offers the most recent version of the ASP.Net framework.
  3. Choosing Windows shared hosting plans is highly beneficial because Windows OS has always been praised for its features and functions. This is why more and more businesses find it easy to use Windows plans for their official tasks. The rich set of features has made Windows plans ideally suited for developers who want a versatile platform. Whether you need a dedicated, shared or a VPS server, windows hosting plans will not disappoint you.
  4. When choosing the top Windows shared hosting India solutions, you have to consider multiple versions of their OS. The more recent versions will always have the more advanced features. It is important to note that while these features will not have much impact when you have shared hosting, it may make a huge difference when you opt for VPS or dedicated hosting plans. The Windows hosting plans also offer many useful functions which are why businesses prefer to choose this platform. So, you need to consider and review the specific features of the shared hosting plans that you will need for your business before you sign on the contract.
  5. Before signing up, it is also important to evaluate the security features of the plans you get. This is because even with the smallest of loopholes, your data may be compromised.
  6. It is true that many businesses completely overlook the need for an efficient customer support service when choosing their hosting plans. They tend to make their decisions based upon price considerations only and fail to check for the technical support. You need a provider which can offer you 24x7 supports through live chats, emails and phone calls.

There is no denying the fact that Windows shared servers are very reliable because Microsoft has invested a lot of money and talent into coming up with customer-friendly solutions. But even the most reliable solutions will not be successful without a robust infrastructure. So, your hosting provider must guarantee availability and high performance levels.

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