How to find the best health insurance policy in India

 Avishek Bhattacharjee

Health insurance plans are available aplenty in India. To make an informed choice, you need to know the right ways finding out the best health insurance in India. You need to compare health insurance plans to find out the best health insurance plans. Here are some of the ways to trace out the best health insurance policy as per your requirements. Let's start with what should you do to avail a medical mediclaim policy.

Do a thorough research

There are numerous health insurance companies in India that offer a wide range of online health insurance plans with varied feature. If you do an exhaustive research on all available health insurance policies you can pick the best health insurance policy for you and your family. While researching, you need to compare health insurance plans in terms of various features such premium and coverage and exclusions.

Assess what is covered

When you compare health insurance plans you need to assess which plan covers what and what not. Not all health insurance policies cover all sorts of expenses. So, you need to select a medical insurance mediclaim policy that covers those medical expenses that you need to be covered. You should avoid health insurance plans with a long list of exclusions.

Go through the health insurance plans carefully

Once you find the best health insurance policy, you should read the terms and conditions regarding claim, cancellation, renewal very carefully. Make the payment online to buy the best health insurance in India only when you are absolutely fine with the terms and conditions of your chosen health insurance plan.

Look for wide network of cashless hospitals

All health insurance companies in India provide policyholders with cashless treatment facility in their network hospital. This feature of health insurance plans is highly beneficial as you don't have to pay a single rupee from your pocket to avail quality treatment especially in the moment of emergency. You should settle with that medical insurance mediclaim policy that comes with an extensive network of hospitals so that you can easily find a cashless hospital in your vicinity in your moment of need.

Ask around for feedback

You should ask for feedback on health insurance plans that your friends and relatives have bought in India. This is a very reliable way of gaining information on different types of health insurance policies and also about the performance of different health insurance companies operating in India.

Submit Necessary Documents –

You need to submit all the required documents in order to buy health insurance plans in India. Depending upon your age, you also might have to submit your medical report to be eligible for health insurance policies.

These are the things that you should do to find out the best health insurance in India for your family. The following are the things that you shouldn't do while searching and buying the best health insurance policy. One you find what you are looking for you need to ensure timely renewal of health insurance plans.

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