How HDFC Mutual Fund is Making a Mark in the Mutual Fund Industry?

 Dishika Baheti

Now and then, the market is being filled with new investment schemes. In the beginning, all the AMCs swear to bestow luxury and good fortune by exhibiting various skits their funds can perform. However, it’s well-known that these promises often come out as a hoax. However, not all AMCs are fraudulent. HDFC Mutual Fund is one such fund house that needs no bragging, or false introduction, to get itself noticed in the industry. With a strong grip in the market for decades, HDFC has been able to do great justice to its investors by showering benefits of both the worlds – high returns and great risk-cover. Let’s dig in deep to find out what more this fund holds in its womb.

An Overview

HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd (AMC) was introduced to the world on December 10, 1999. It was subsequently granted the status of Approved Asset Management Company for HDFC Mutual Fund on June 30, 2000, which was sponsored by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited and Standard Life Investments Limited. HDFC Mutual Fund has been playing a vital role in delivering admirable fund performances across various categories of mutual funds. It is currently one of the top-performing mutual funds which are topping the chart of the fiscal industry. The focus of this AMC has been on setting set up an infrastructure that functions as an essential component in conducting all the market researches and real-time analysis. Working with laying emphasis on managing and supervising portfolio risk is the USP of HDFC MF.

Products Offered

Investors are offered long-term benefits by HDFC mutual funds which includes post watchful and frequent review of the emerging trends in the market. The fund managers ensure that the developing industry sectors are duly recognized on timely basis and only then, the knowledge should be shared with the investors in the form of product offerings. It has been more than a decade that HDFC MF has been producing multitude products spanning across the various asset and risk categories, to encourage the investors to place their funds as per their financial goals and risk-bearing capacity.

  1. Equity/Growth Fund - HDFC Equity Funds cater to the needs of that class of investors which is desirous of capital appreciation in both short and long-term investment period. These are generally high-risk category funds and produce capital appreciation in the long horizon with the help of a diversified portfolio of equity and equity-related instruments. BSE 200 is the benchmark index for the products offered by this AMC.
  2. Liquid Funds - These funds are engineered with the objective of generating the best returns while maintaining the lowest risk possible, and high liquidity. These mutual funds are recommended for investors with low capital exposure and modest risk-appetite.
  3. Debt Funds - The primary objective of Debt or Income Mutual Fund schemes is to generate credit risk-free returns through diversified investments in various securities issued by either the Central Government, and/or State Government. These funds create a regular flow of income to the investors that have a low risk-appetite.

Hence, HDFC Mutual Fund is a factory of growth and prosperity that nurtures its investors’ monies, and provides significant opportunities to lead a better life. This fund ought to be on the priority list of smart investors.

This article depicts the various benefits you can obtain by investing in the top-performing schemes of HDFC MF.

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