Purchase Commercial Ice Machine in 2019 for Your Business Growth

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Purchasing a commercial ice machine for your business is not only better for your long-term costs, but also boosts your business growth. In the long run, actually owning the ice machine can be a better choice. When you purchase an ice maker, you are making a larger initial investment, but there will be no monthly rental payments, which could help your long term cash flow.

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Picking the right commercial ice machine is the most important decision that you have to make before placing an order. Ice machine is one of the largest expenditures in your budget unless you decide on an ice machine rental. So, depending on your situation and your particular wants, choosing the right commercial machine is essential.

Commercial ice machines form a critical link in the chain of operation in a commercial restaurant or kitchen. As you know before, there are different ice machines, which create different kinds of ice. So, first analyze what type of ice pieces you are in need of. Based on that, choose the type of ice machine, which best suits your commercial restaurant or kitchen.

Here are some types of shaped ice that exits,

Nugget Ice: It is recommended for product displays or salad bars

Flaked Ice: This type of ice is recommended for hospital and daycare cafeterias, salad bars, poultry, fish, or product displays, and blended drinks.

Cubed Ice: This is recommended for cocktails and beverages, ice dispensers, and retail sales

Slurry Ice: Slurry ice machine is used at marine (fishing) and aquaculture industries.

Choose the Ice Machine Size According to the Needs

An ice machine that’s too large will result in a lot of melted ice and costs you more money. At the same time, with a too small ice machine, you will run out at peak operating hours and will cost you, customers. So, the key is to strike a fine balance between ice production and storage. To space constrictions in your commercial kitchen or restaurant, and to make sure that you can keep up with peak demand without overproducing ice, you need to purchase an ice machine of the right capacity.

Final Recap

Making sure your business always have ice at its disposal requires careful consideration of storage space and production capacity. So, pay more attention to choosing the right dealer, who offers ice machines for sale.

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