Types of Packages for Umrah and Hajj 2018

 Bouley Matthew

A number of pilgrims go for holy trips every year. Many choose the holy month of Ramadan to visit places such as Mecca. This pilgrimage is called the Hajj and is considered a mandatory pilgrimage that every able Muslim is expected to go for. Muslims from across the world come together at Mecca. Apart from Hajj, many Muslims go for pilgrimage throughout the year. This is known as the Umrah.

There are various online websites and travel agents who offer travel packages with attractive deals. The agents have a number of special and general facilities that can be chosen from. They take care of more or less all the planning and bookings of the trip. They have various packages that their customers can choose from. These are inclusive of the tickets, hotel bookings, passport and visa stampings as well as tourism guide in the holy places.

Umrah packages UK and Hajj 2018 packages can be booked for groups of individuals. The type of package the customer chooses depend on the facilities they wish to avail. There are different types of packages for groups and individual travelers. The packages offer a lot of facilities to make the pilgrimage easy. These packages are customizable and can be altered as per requirement. Through these packages, the pilgrims can book tickets in the special flights organized by most of the countries for Hajj.

Packages for Groups

The travel agencies have various packages for people who wish to travel in groups. These packages are inclusive of hotel bookings, tickets, visa services and the conveyance at the destination. The price of these packages depends on various factors such as number of number of days of travel, members in the group, types of hotels and rooms selected and whether visa and passport services are required for all the members. These packages book 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels. The groups can select single rooms, double rooms, family rooms as well as suites as per their choice.

Special packages such as Easter Umrah packages have cheaper pricing and other offers.The tourist can opt for direct flights or connecting flights as per their budget and convenience.These offers and deals are of top quality with cheap pricing for the Muslims who are desirous.

Packages for Individuals

Individuals who are travelling alone for Hajj and Umrah can choose special packages for themselves where a dedicated package is designed as per their requirements and convenience. Additionally, if the individual desires, he can choose to join a group. The facilities are the same as for tourists travelling in groups. These include hotel and room bookings in 3 star, 4 star or 5 star hotels, visa and passport facilities, food facility as well as travel assistance at Mecca and Madinah.For elderly people who are travelling alone, a package with special requirements and assistance can be booked. These packages will appoint a dedicated assistant for the elderly person who will help throughout the trip.Special food preferences can also be set in these packages.

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