Winter Maintenance For Your Fishing Gear

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The winter chill is upon us! The dark snowy nights and the cold morning showers are expected at every turn!

Well, not everywhere.

There are parts of the world that are blissfully enjoying the afternoon sunshine and cooler winds in the evening.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast from the colder part of town, you might want to stick around for the tips and tricks we have in store for you.

A fisherman’s most prized possessions are his fishing gear, equipment, and tools. Nothing beats the smooth and shiny handle of a polished fishing rod (Okay. Maybe a large fish bite is better—just saying.)

If you want to protect your fishing gear from rusting in the shed and freezing in the snow, here are a few useful tips to help maintain them.

Don’t Spoil Your Rod

For a fresh shine, use a non-abrasive soap to clean the fishing rod and cork handle. Make sure to use a special rod cleaning solution that won’t cause any damages.

Check if the rod is smooth and doesn’t have any cracks or holes on the handgrip. Don’t try to repair it yourself. It’ll only worsen the minor dents and scratches.

Use an environment-friendly, high-quality protectant spray on the fishing rod and practice eco-friendly fishing.

Invest in a fishing rod storage rack to neatly hang all your polished rods in a uniform line. Wrap it in a polymer rod sleeve to keep the dust away.

Be Good To Your Reels

A cylindrical device attached to the fishing rod, reels are used to stow and cast the line at long distances.

With the rigorous and downright cruel handling of the reel, they can get rusted if not looked after properly.

You can easily extend the life of your fishing reels by keeping them well-oiled and lubricated.

Start by cleaning the metal springs and gears inside the reel so that they can be easily turned and moved the next time you go fishing.

Use a silicone treaded towel to clean the reel and brush away the gunk and dirt off the swindle.

Replace the old fishing line with a new one only if you’ve planned a fishing getaway. Don’t recast a new line and leave it to spoil, unused in the shed.

Invest in a reel cleaning kit and keep it away from chemical cleaning solvents. That’ll only cause it to ruin sooner!

Tackle Your Tackle Box

It’s not uncommon to find an overflowing amount of lines, hooks, baits, and tackle. It’s time to dive in your tackle box, organize and sort the items and clean out the junk and rubbish.

Empty the box on a table and carefully take inventory of each item. Throw away broken or chipped hooks and lines. Make a list of all the plastic and hard baits that need to be replaced.

Organize the items and place everything back in separate compartments to minimize the risk of damage.

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A passionate fisher and an expert angler, he enjoys going on long fishing vacations to Cabo San Lucas. Through his blogs, he aims to share his knowledge with other fishing enthusiasts so that they can gather tips for an enjoyable fishing experience.

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