Try your hand at the latest casino sensation- an online tournament

 Terry Smith

The internet has made the World a much smaller place to live in. Global barriers are coming down and it is now possible to be in touch with family and friends from all over the World with a click or two of your mouse. For people who like to spend some of their time and money wagering online the whole idea of online casinos has added tremendous new horizons in the way they play their favourite games as well as who they can play against.

Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, instead of playing at their local land casino, no matter how near of far it might be, online players can now pit their wits against a virtual dealer from their own computer in their own home. Not only that, they can also play and chat with fellow online players from all around the planet. Something which has really captured the imagination of online players everywhere. Another thing which has really captured the imagination is the latest casino sensation- taking part in online tournaments.

The idea of online lucky nugget tournaments sprang up thanks to the tremendous online popularity of Texas Hold’em poker. Online casinos rapidly realized that players did not want to play against the house, but instead against each other. This led to the development of special software that would allow this to happen, which was no easy feat. The software needed to be designed to allow the presence of online moderators as well as allowing the ability for players to chat with each other well the game was in progress. It is fair to say that the poker software’s developers hit the nail on the button, resulting in the tremendous success of online Texas Hold’em poker tournaments which have led to many poker players becoming millionaires by taking part in televised land tournaments from some of the World’s most exotic casinos.

Following on the success of Texas Hold’em poker online tournaments, marketing wizards from the major online casinos recognized the demand for similar online tournaments for other table games, such as craps. The only difference is that players do not play against each other directly, but against the house as well as the clock. Those wanting to take part in a craps tournament, simply have to pay an entry fee to the house, after which they are issued with some “playing chips” The tournament kicks off at the same time, all over the World. The tournament winner is the player left with the most chips are the end of the time set which can be an hour or even two.

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