6 Easter Decoration Ideas For Your Egg Hunt

 Jacob Martin

Are you planning an egg hunt this Easter for your kids, or are you just looking to brighten up the house in time for spring? There are so many ideas for decorations you can use to welcome the season into your home. Here are some ideas for decorations and crafts that you can do this Easter.

Easter Decoration Ideas For Your Egg Hunt

1. Easter Baskets

These are a mainstay of the Easter season, and they’re essential if you're sending the kids out looking for treats. You can buy beautiful baskets in stores or create your own. During the Easter holidays, creating your own Easter baskets is a great way to spend the downtime you have between terms. Then, the kids can take them out and fill them to the top full of chocolate eggs.

2. Easter Cards

This is a fun and easy craft to do, either on your own or with children. Stores have lots of Easter decorations right now, such as blank cards, themed stamps, and even fluffy chicks on offer. You can get as creative as you like with your cards, and when you're done, you can send them out to your loved ones. They'll love a surprise for Easter.3. Easter Bonnets

This is another classic that's fun to make with your children. If you're not sure where to start, there are plenty of Easter bonnet decorating packs available online for you to buy. You can add whatever you'd like to a bonnet. Why not use pre-painted polystyrene eggs, fluffy chicks, or lots of ribbon on your bonnet?

4. Painted Eggs

Painting eggs is another activity that's cheap to do and leaves you with lots of brightly painted decorations for your home. If you want to do things the traditional way, hard-boil an egg and paint it when it's cooled. You can also use plastic, polystyrene, or wooden eggs if you want something less fragile that will last longer. Paint them with acrylics or dye them if you want them to be a solid colour.

5. Flower Arranging

Now that spring is in bloom and you're seeing flowers popping up out of nowhere, it's time to look at bringing some of those blooms into your own home. If you've never tried flower arranging before, now's the time to try it for yourself. If you're worried about using real flowers, pick up some fabric or silk blooms. They're often very cheap, and look just as good as the real thing.

6. Bunting

Now's the time to think about outdoor festivals and parties, so why not brighten up your garden while you're at it? Bunting is easy to make, and they look fantastic when you have it up. Try using scraps of fabric if you have any around. If not, pick up a bunting creation kit or even paper in pastel colours to achieve the same effect.

With these ideas, you'll be able to create lots of bright and cheerful Easter decorations in your home. Try a few out and see for yourself.

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