Which laminate to go for: Glossy or Matte Laminate?

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Laminate is regarded as one of the most reasonable options, when it comes to kitchen countertops. In addition, the product comprises of numerous layers of heated and compressed paper which makes it very durable. The color and pattern which you see on the countertop is just the top layer. The option that laminate countertops offers in regards to the colors, patterns, and design choices are almost limitless, so you can compete with the traditional look of stone or go wild with color.

Both matt and glossy laminate come in various sizes and dimensions and can be customized as well. If you are planning on refurbishing your dull looking countertops, what should you go for? Functionality or look for the ones that offers a more aesthetic look. The matt and glossy laminates come with equal advantages, so it is important to understand their characteristics before selecting one.

  • Glossy laminates: This is widely known for its glossy effect and is available in marble, granite, quartz, concrete and various other surfaces. This type of laminate finish is ideal to camouflage finger prints, stains and marks. Although the marks are present on the surface but you still cannot see them because the prints originate from grease which has a luster almost same like that of the surface. This type of finish is available on almost all countertops and does not require any additional charges.
  • Matte Finish: Just like the glossy laminates, this type of laminates is also widely used as they can create a pleasant layer of texture. There is usually more than one light in the kitchen area and by installing the matte finish laminate you can be rest assured that the countertop will not reflect light. This prevents the kitchen countertops from looking unnecessarily shiny. This type of finish can hide the scratch marks. If you run a knife or a pizza roller on the matt laminate finish, you will not be able to see any marks at all. This type of laminate is ideal for the traditional looking kitchens and for those who are looking for vast array of colors and patterns, as the options here are simply plentiful.

So, after going through the characteristics of both glossy and dull laminates, it can be said that neither of the two can be definitively termed as the best laminate as both come with equal advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, selecting between glossy or matte laminate sheets actually depends on your requirement and your budget.

If you are not able to decide which laminate to install, you can consider semi-gloss laminates which will offer you a satin like finish and will ensure that you get the advantage of both the laminate types. Moreover, it will not be very glossy or gloomy, thus the chances of evident marks are reduced. One more advantage is that it is not too lackluster or reflective which indicates that you get an advantage of extravagance.

Hence, when you plan to go for a kitchen countertop renovation, visit the nearby store and speak with the dealer to find out the options that they have and tell them about your budget, requirement and preferences so that they can help you in taking the right decision. For more info, please visit https://www.newmika.co.in/

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