Know Everything About African Tribal Wear And Its Types

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Generally, people define African tribal clothing as the traditional clothing worn by the people of South Africa that varies from tribe to tribe. Daily African Tribal wear is consists of different dresses inspired by the historical snippets of evidence that natives of Africa use for special occasions or wear in their daily grind as they like.

African tribal outfits are mainly worn to display the diversity of each continent including an array of people animals or places which are very dear to African men and women. To know more, how these tribal trends were tailored into clothes, focus on this little history given by us that defines how traditional African clothing has evolved over the years.

History Of Traditional African Clothing

By traditional African clothing, we mean East African fashion. It dates back to the ancient times of 800 C.E. when the Ghanaian empire began to flourish due to the development of extensive trade routes in Northern Africa and many people was divided into small groups in Southern Africa. These groups were then converted into powerful communities in the monarchy of the Malian empire through the spread of its language, laws, and customs.

These Malis fell in love with hand printed clothes which had arrangements of symbols revealing something secret about its anticipated meaning. Later these symbols were used as a sign language to communicate their cultural diversity. It was called the “Language of Clothes.” Various weaving techniques and special motifs were passed from mother to daughter to decorate the local clothes of the continent. However, these fabric ideas came out very progressive, and till today African textiles are known as the worlds-leading hand woven outfits popular for its color, shapes and quality stitching.

What Is African Tribal Clothing?

Here we’d like you to pay some attention. What are these African tribal outfits here and how they are worn? Let us open up the secret of bold fashion. African tribal outfits refer to the hand printed contemporary fabrics which are wrapped around the body by African men and women in a unique style. Combine with the adornments of the body featuring the extensive variety of headdresses, bags, belts, collars, girdles made from beads, feathers, leather, gold and silver, ostrich eggshell, ivory, buttons, fur, skins, bone, animal tails and hair, bells and pressed metal all play their role in the name of African rich culture.

A Reflection Of Tribe’s Status

Do you know what’s amazing about these decorated African textiles? That they have become the reflection of their tribe’s status, developed it socioeconomic standing among the European fashion brands and maintained its rich culture in the textile environment.These tribes became more prominent when imprinted on African handmade apparels which clearly delivers the message that African traditions are powerful. Even today European high-end clothing admires these local African fabrics by mixing their clothing style with the traces of traditional garments, accessories, and adornments. By the way, such mixes are always unique and are fit for celebration at hand.

Types Of African Tribal Outfits

Each African outfit is designed catering to a specific tradition which well-explains the sight-seeing of its day-to-day culture. Africans at modern day still wear these traditional African clothes, and these tribal dresses are of many types which are of a settled-status according to each ceremony.

1. Bark Cloth: The Spirit of the Trees

2. Adire Cloth: The original Tie & Dye

3. The Grand Boubou

4. Adinkra and Kente cloth: Royal wear from Ghana

5. Ankara: The Controversial Textile

6. The Dapper Sapeurs X Pan-Africanism

7. The Dashiki - “Say it Loud, I’m black, and I’m Proud.”

Find these traditional types extremely artistic exhibiting the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

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