What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About You?

 Elishia Robson


“Flowers Speak.” Surprised? Thinking, how does a flower speak? Yes… Flowers speak louder than words! With their unique colors and scents, flowers can easily communicate what you intend to convey! By sending the right flowers, you can send out the right message to your loved ones – whether it is “Thank You”, “Get Well”, “I Love You” or “You Are Such a Great Friend.”

Beyond these, the flowers you like will say something your personality, character, likes and dislikes. Have you ever wondered what draws you to roses, instead of orchids and lilies? It’s your personality! Read this article to learn something about your personality type by which flower you like the best!

Roses – You’re Sophisticated and Conformist

With your stout sense of self and attention to tradition, roses are strong self-defenders, and so are you. When it comes to a relationship, you are caring and loving! You choose to stick to the conventional style of things.

Carnations – You’re Dependable and Like Helping Others

If you like carnations, then you are sought-after for your words of helpful nature. You strive to feel contented with the fact that you’re helping others. You like to smile and spread happiness always.

Orchids – You’re Mysterious and Exotic

This bloom is known for its classy look and elegance, much the same as those who choose it as a favorite flower. You would love to cherish close friends; the world sees you as mysterious, sophisticated, and exotic.

Lilies – You’re Always the Center of Attention

You’re artistic minded and helpful! You’re always the center of attention, even when you don’t want to be. You take pride in your accomplishments and relationships; and also you are well-respected as well. You can be friendly, playful as equally loving, caring and giving.

Tulips – You’re a Bon Vivant

As a tulip lover, you are cheerful and love to spread happiness among a group of people. You’re bon vivant, i.e. a seeker of change and new experiences to give the best of yourself in every situation.

Irises – You’re an Optimist

If Irises is your favorite, then you are known for your creativity and your wild imagination. You tend to avoid routine jobs and wish to seek new experiences and places. You’re an optimist and also well-regarded in your ability to keep your word.


Like outfits and makeup, flowers too speak about a person’s personality and lifestyle! So, the next time you meet someone and are eager to know them better, just ask about their favorite blooms! By this, you will get a chance to learn more about their character and also surprise them by sending their favorite flowers via North St Paul Flower Delivery for any occasions. Those who know, recommend Florists in North St Paul MN.

The author of this article is working as a florist in one of the leading flowers shops in North St Paul MN. During his leisure time, he likes to write articles and blogs related to flowers. For more details, visit https://www.lakesidefloralmn.com

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