How to decorate your kitchen cabinet doors?

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Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important places in your house, a place where you and your family nourishes, eats delicious meals and grow in good health and shape. If the environment or décor in kitchen is lacking, then it also has an impact on the cooking skills and motivation of the person working in it. While kitchen as a whole important, another portion which captures your mind and efforts are the kitchen cabinets. If they are not positioned appropriately or not working fine it can really diminish the entire look of the place. To understand how knobs can be chosen and placed effectively keep reading below.

Give some time to kitchen cabinet

Considering the fact how important kitchen cabinet is it is advisable to spend some time on it and ensure they are working fine and also appropriate chrome cupboard knobs are chosen for their longevity. Apart from that one can even think on other factors of knobs which have been discussed in detail below.

Color of Knobs

Find out which color shall go with the current décor of your kitchen. It is important to look for something contrasting which gives a soothing and subtle look to the whole place. you can even opt for glass doorknobs if you are confused on the colors.

Choose a stencil

Once the choice of best knobs in the market is made, the next step is to look for stencil to set up the knobs. It is important that placement is made correctly else it can impact the whole kitchen and its cupboard looks.

Take off the kitchen cabinets

The next step for efficient placement of cabinet knobs is taking off the existing cabinet doors and placing them in a large working area. It is important to make choice of a good working area which not only gives you space but also gives you comfortability to sit and work for long working hours. If you are comfortable at work then only you would be in a position to achieve results.

Removal of dirt

Once you have taken off the cupboard I am sure you would like to clean up the dirt over it. So take some hot water and wash off your cupboard using soft scrubber. This will enable you remove all the kitchen dirt without any trouble. You can even use ammonia for removing dirt if it is more than usual.

Roughen the surface

The next step is roughening the surface so that paint from the stencil work well with the cupboard. For carrying out the process efficiently you can use grit sandpaper and in no time you will be able to roughen the surface.

Placement of stencil design

Tape your chosen stencil against the cupboard and once it sticks well paint it with your desired color. Let it dry overnight. Once this is done add your chosen knobs or internal door handles which is going to go well with your kitchen and shall also enhance the looks of entire kitchen.

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