How Tata Mutual Fund Provides Tax Saving Options?

 Dishika Baheti

Tax savings are one of the most important things that are desired to be managed by all. After earning the monies with great hard work, no one wishes to pay it off to the taxman of course. Thus, we look out for alternatives that can help us reduce our tax liability in one or the other way. Mutual funds also provide ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) which is aimed at providing income deduction of an amount up to Rs.1.5 lakh that further helps in reducing the tax liability for the financial year. Several AMCs provide such investment option, but the one provided by Tata Mutual Fund is truly appreciable. The scheme is an outperformer in its category and is offering the best tax-saving benefits to the investors.

Importance of Tax-Saving Solutions

It is the most beneficial investment which provides not only tax savings but also helps in appreciating capital. The tax benefits are provided in the form of a reduction in total liability of current financial year, and further the income or capital gain from such investment is also exempt from taxation. This way, you save on your income tax thrice. Tata Mutual Funds have offered the ELSS scheme which is open-ended in nature with a mandatory lock-in of three years after which one can redeem the capital from it as and when required. It offers the dual advantage of Section 80C deduction and the opportunity to catch the long-term potential of the Indian equity market. With the lock-in of three years, the fund manager gets enough chance to actively manage the fund in the desired manner in order to fetch tremendous profits.

Why Choose Tata Mutual Fund for Tax-Saving Investments?

An AMC is selected on the belief that it will lead our capital in the right direction and will help us gain superior benefits. Hence, it is often recommended that we must make a proper analysis of the market before making the choice of fund house for our investment. Tata Mutual Fund is considered to be one of the most trusted brands in India for the due to high equity that it enjoys. It has a high quality and expert fund management team which is being combined with greater services and trust which make it appealing to the investors. Even after taking a high degree of risk, the investors of Tata Mutual Funds enjoy greater returns and bet a huge amount on the risky funds knowing the fact that their funds shall not be mismanaged by the team. The tax-saving benefits provided by the fund house under Section 80C are thus an additional advantage. One can easily make more returns and earn greater benefits by getting associated with such a trusted brand.

How Can You Invest in Tax Saving Plan?

Investing in the schemes of AMCs is not a typical task. One can easily buy the schemes of Tata Mutual Fund online and set their plan either via SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or the lump sum purchase. Investors can initiate investing in them at their own convenience using the online platforms and make the most of them.

Hence, if you are looking for tax savings or any other investment plan, then you can consider the schemes from Tata Mutual Fund. It has everything that an investor may require for achieving different financial goals.

By reading this article, you will be convinced that Tata Mutual Fund is one of the most trusted and best asset management companies in India. The schemes offered by it especially for the tax-saving purpose are extremely well and can help you in achieving your goals while saving taxes.

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