Tips to choose the right Child Care Centre for your Kid!

 John Sarkis


Are you a working parent? Have you decided that a child care centre is the best option for your child care needs? But how will you find a good one? What must you look for? Should they be licensed? Focussed on play or academics? To search for a child care centre to watch over your child every day, there are certain things you should know before enrolling your child in the program. To help you understand better and make the right decision, here are some tips check them out to get a better idea!

Look out!

Before you choose the child care centre, it is essential to look out for the best ones in your area. Research for child care centres that provide different programs! Do pre-emptive research to help yourself decide which program will help your child feel comfortable, succeed in his life and which program the centre excels in. While you do your enquiries, you will get to know how well is the centre and what the parents think or feel about the childcare.

Plan a visit!

When you get to visit a child care centres Dee Why, you should make sure to pay attention to even the smallest things around. Check out how staff interacts with the children, adults to child ratio, are the teachers having a relaxed and meaningful conversation with the children and do the children seem comfortable, happy and engaged.

Check out the Policies!

Even before you register your child for the child care, it is vital to look out the policies of the centre. Check out on topics such as discipline, television, feeding, sleeping and so forth. Enquire about the sick child policy and what symptoms prevent a child from attending?

A good Dee Why children's centre will give you all the opportunities to ask more questions and check out their policies with patience. They will encourage you to ask more questions and know about them.

Ask for a Commitment!

Children in the tender age need predictable and consistent care. They should feel secure in their surroundings. If you are considering a centre to admit your child, it is essential to find out how long the current caregivers have been in association with the centre.

Keep Communicating!

Until your child can talk, you would rely on what the caregivers tell you about your child’s day in the childcare. Make sure you talk to them at least twice a week. This will help you know the progress of your child in the child care.

Hope these tips will help you find out the best Dee Why early childhood centre for your child!

The author owns the Dee Why early childhood centre. He, with a team of experienced and passionate staff, helps children to learn and grow through a balanced program of planned experiences and spontaneous fun. Visit for details.

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