Reliance Mutual Fund - A Smart Investment Choice

 Dishika Baheti

Reliance Industries Limited is already a well-established company which has its business in various sectors across the world. Reliance Mutual Fund is an asset management company which is set up under the sponsorship of Reliance Capital Limited, and trusteeship of Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Ltd. Incorporated in the year 1995, it stands as the third largest player in the Indian mutual fund industry with the total assets under management amounting to Rs. 2,10,891.64 crore as on 31st March, 2017. Being one of the strong contenders among the AMCs and a well-established brand, it has experienced an unbeatable phase of growth and opportunities. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of schemes which are designed to fulfil the various objectives of different investors. It has all the necessary elements in its bag which help it to generate profits and capital growth.

Reliance MF has been showing a fantastic growth and satisfying the needs of its clients over the past decade. The impressive plans of Reliance Mutual Fund SIP are attracting many investors to create wealth for their future. It is one of the fastest growing AMCs and has created large number of satisfied investors over years. The reasons for being one of the best investment choices include lineage, robust distribution network, professional expertise, pioneering trends, simplified investment solutions, tax benefits, and free life insurance cover. Let us understand about some of the major reasons of investing in this AMC in detail.

Trusted Brand: Reliance Mutual Fund is one of the leading AMCs across India and is tracked among the fastest growing fund houses. Reliance Industries Limited has gained trust of its customers which is further reflected in Reliance MF due to its stupendous services to the investors.

Robust Distribution Network: Reliance Mutual Funds have a large and strong distribution channel which helps it to serve the investors in an efficient manner. Being a subsidiary of Reliance Capital Limited which is already a well-established giant and reputed corporate house, Reliance Mutual Fund is providing a secure and effective investment network to its investors.

Professional Expertise: The investors of Reliance Mutual Fund enjoy the benefit of professional advice from experienced fund managers. Their experts guide the investors in the entire investment process which starts from choosing the correct schemes and ends at the management of portfolio diversification using rebalancing techniques.

Pioneering Trends: One of the reasons behind the tremendous success of Reliance MF is its nature of building productive investments strategies. It is winning the trust of its investors by providing them with new schemes which are designed as per their financial objectives. It further provides the benefits of its value added services such as ‘Free Life Insurance Cover’.

Simplified Investment Solutions: Many people could not relish the benefits of mutual funds due to the lack of knowledge or fear of losing money. But, Reliance MF helps every individual investor in gaining great exposure to the market with simplified and easy investment solutions. The team of Reliance AMC focuses on the investors’ financial goals and provides all possible guidance to achieve them to make better investment.

Therefore, if you have not yet started investing for your financial future, you must begin right away. Reliance Mutual Funds have a wide range of investment schemes which have been designed for you to fulfil those financial objectives.

This article provides the details about the benefits which can be availed by investing in Reliance Mutual Funds, and the reasons which make Reliance MF one of the largest AMCs and a smart investment choice.

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