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Preparation for the GRE test depends majorly on two things - your personal preferences how to prepare for it and the amount of time you invest for the preparation. Importantly, you should be aware of what to expect from the test before you sit for the test. The types of questions, directions, administrative procedures, approximate number of questions and the amount of time for each section.

In this article, we are giving you the best GRE strategies that will help you prepare for the GRE test in two months.

1. GRE Practice Test

You have just two months. So get involved in real practice test in order to detect what your Quantitative and Verbal scores are now. Importantly, the test results will comprise of not just your scores but also information about what types of questions you were able to do well and which questions were difficult to solve. The information you will get from the practice test will help you design your GRE strategies.

Apart from this, you can be aware of the format and timing of the test. You will be able to know precisely how you can use what you are learning to top test questions. Moreover, the test practice will enable you to get an idea about the test and conditions as similar as possible to those you will experience on the day of the test. You can easily judge what questions you can solve easily and what questions can put you in problems.

2. Focus on Tough Questions

The questions seem to be difficult for you to solve in the practice test, spend more time on them until you make it easy to solve. It is advisable to take four hours for taking the test if you write essays and three hours if you choose to skip the essays. Also, schedule one and a half hour for reviewing the test the same day or choose the next day.

3. Study Schedule

Setting study time is one of the most important steps in your GRE study tips. Remember that if you study most days of the week, it will help you enhance you score more than in case you study one or two days a week. Experts suggest studying for five days a week in three thirty minute segments for 1.5 hours every day. It will help you make a significant progress.

Thus, if you have just two months for your GRE test preparations, plan your study according to the tips given above. You don’t need to practice all the questions, but just one that you have problems in.

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