5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing For NEET/AIPMT

 Sakshi Gupta

NEET is one of the toughest competitive examinations. Held to select students for medical colleges across the country, NEET tests your knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Numerous students appear for this examination each year but only a few are able to get through it. Here are 5 common mistakes that must be avoided to prepare well for NEET.

Overlooking Health

Many students go overboard with their studies and in the event overlook their health completely. This is particularly true for the ones staying away from their family. Their eating habits degrade drastically. They do not have meals on time and also do not understand the importance of having a healthy diet. Long gaps in between meals and overconsumption of junk food can have ill effect on both mental and physical health.

Many students also overlook the importance of sleeping for 7-8 hours a day. In an attempt to increase their study hours, they reduce their time of sleep. What they don’t understand is that this does more harm than good. It lowers the power to concentrate and decreases productivity.
One must take complete sleep and have healthy food to ensure good health as it is essential for preparing well for the exam.

Spending Time Online

Internet has become an addiction for today’s youth. Many students spend a lot of time on social media platforms and other sources of entertainment that the internet offers. The time that must be spent on studies thus gets wasted and this is one of the main hindrances in studying. It is suggested to deactivate your social media accounts for a few months to concentrate solely on your NEET preparation.

Poor Time Management

One of the most common mistakes students make while preparing for NEET is that they do not manage their time properly. It is understandable that most of you require preparing for these competitive examinations alongside your CBSE board exams and managing time becomes difficult in such a case. NEET online preparation is a good way to manage your time efficiently. This way you can choose your time of study on your own and do not require scheduling your entire day as per your class timings. Taking classes for multiple subjects for the preparation of different exams thus becomes easier. Opting for NEET online preparation also means saving the time spent in travelling to the coaching class.

Not Giving Mock Tests

Many students go on mugging their chapters and completely overlook the importance of giving mock tests. Many just run through the mock tests to get an idea about the examination pattern. They do not solve these tests to get a firsthand experience of giving this competitive test. It is essential to give mock tests as they help you figure out the areas you are weak in. Giving these tests regularly also helps in enhancing your speed and accuracy. Besides, you are able to manage your time efficiently during the exam.

Not Clarifying Doubts

Many students hesitate to clarify their doubts from the teachers. They leave the topics they are doubtful about thereby lowering their chances to score well. It is essential to clear all your doubts and build a strong base in order to ensure thorough preparation. Institutes offer NEET online preparation also provide the option to clarify your doubts with ease.

So avoid these mistakes and prepare well for NEET!

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