Top Investment Options in India That You Must Explore

 Ravi Khurana

The best investment options in India for 2017 particularly include fixed deposits, insurance investments, PPF, NSC & Mutual funds. You need to check you priority and risk taking ability to select the option that is best suited to you.

Fixed Deposit- a good Option To Begin With

Regular deposit in banks is the first step to start systematic investment for most people in India. The most important factor that makes this option popular is the reasonable rate of returns it offers and the money invested is locked securely for a definite time period. You may always be assured of the returns. The term for an FD varies from 15 days to 10 years or more, depending on the bank you chose. The returns you will get are also determined by the rates prevalent in the market and the bank that you choose for investing your money. The best factor right here is that your money invested would be secure & you don’t have to worry until the maturity period.


After fixed deposits in banks, the other popular mode of investment is insurance. Insurance gives you peace of mind and also provides you an option of getting returns for your money invested. Coverage policies vary from a variety of products. Coverage policies like life insurance, domestic insurance, car insurance & medical insurance are few examples of such form of investment options.

Public Provident Fund offers high Returns

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is also an awesome choice to invest money securely for future. The primary reason is the high rate of return mainly for people who are beneath 30% tax brackets. The time span of investment may be as high as 15 years, but with almost no threat & suitable returns makes this a quite feasible option to choose.

National Saving Certificate (NSC)

National Saving certificates (NSC) is another preferred investment option in India. This investment alternative comes with six year lock in period & with the ease of government subsidies. All these characteristics make this selection secure in every sense. A person can start with as small as Rs.100/-. The rate of interest is 8% that's calculated two times in 12 months. You could get advantage from tax deductions till as much as Rs. 1lakh on NSC returns.

Mutual Fund Investments is a safe option

Mutual funds are also very popular amongst people. They could prove to be very fruitful if you make regular investments and create diverse portfolio which can give great returns. If you need to go into inventory markets & don’t desire to take unnecessary risks then this is feasible option. Additionally you can generate higher profits. It's an excellent investment plans option if you want to generate great return. However, the key thing is to remain invested for a long period of time. A diverse portfolio reduces the danger elements and prevents you from loss of your entire investment.

Investments, whether done for a short period or for longer period of time, needs regular discipline and ability to stay invested. If done properly and with right frame of mind, any form of investment will yield great returns which you can utilize at a prescribed time.

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