A Complete Overview of the Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard

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Are you seeking for the convenient and flexible method to recognize your employees and promote client loyalty? If yes, buying the vanilla prepaid MasterCard can be a viable alternate for you. Users – whether employees or customers get an opportunity to enjoy the hassle-free purchases via these cards.

Activation Process

Users can activate their cards through the official website of the card issuer or calling them via the toll-free customer care number available for your card. Make sure to provide the important information about the security code, date of expiry, activation code, and, of course, the card number.

Several awesome benefits of using Vanilla gift cards:

  • No need to bother about the unwanted fees on your purchases.
  • Keep using the money available in your card until it expires.
  • These cards can be used in a number of outlets.
  • It is completely convenient and secure to pay through them.
  • Most of cards get activated automatically, so you are free to buy products through them immediately.

Some Extremely Useful and Meaningful Vanilla Gift Card Tips:

Know Your Balance:You are the only who should definitely know your card balance right before when you are going to make a purchase for your favourite product. There are chances of getting your payment declined in case your card doesn’t have the sufficient money to complete your purchase.

Saving Card Details at A Secure Place:Collect the information about the card customer care number, expiration date, CVV and card number.

Card Holding and Pre-authorizations:Your card might go on the temporary hold if the amount of money that you have recently spent on the purchasing of a new product is more than the balance of your card. When the transaction is done, you will have to wait for approximately 7-8 working days to avail of its uses again.

A Second Payment Method is Also Available:Do you want to get a product whose prices surpass the balance on your card? Say good bye to alternatives like credit, debit card or cash when you have a wonderful option to pay the rest of the money. It takes a few minutes to inform the cashier and your job is done.

Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard Work Process

It is very simple way to use the Vanilla prepaid card. You will get a reduction balance message every time when you purchase a new product. Remember, you will only be able to do shopping through your card until you have sufficient balance on your card.

How to Manage Your Prepaid Card?

Make sure to check out the website of your insurer if you are looking forward to manage your Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard. For this purpose, you have to sign in the website with the help of the details, including expiration date, CVV and the card number.

Features of Vanilla Prepaid Card:

  • Your money will remain in your card until the card has a balance.
  • You are free to check your personal or credit information without the interference of the merchants.
  • Use your money to buy things online and through your favourite nearby brick and mortar stores.
  • Avail of your card service after 24 hours of its purchase.
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