Islamic Charity: Important Things to Consider Before Donating

 Jamea Al Kauthar

Charity in Islam is considered to be a sacred move that helps its followers to get near to Allah. Even different verses of Quran and Prohet Muhammad have always given instructions to people about donating and charity. No matter which country you belong to, if you are a Muslim and want to get closer to Allah then you must perform Islamic charities in different form. This is the reason why Muslims from around the world are always ready to donate and have been successful in taking part of different relief services run by government of different countries.

Information you must seek before you plan to do Islamic Charity

Helping others is always a noble cause in Islam but many times it can also be a fraud. You may not intend to harm others but if you don’t put your wealth in right hands then you may be aiding a wrong authority or charitable organization that funds terrorism or fraud. It is therefore important to ask all your questions in detail before choosing a Muslim relief organization. Sometimes you may end up spending lot of money in donating but it actually doesn’t reach the required people. Therefore you must consider some critical things before you end up doing Islamic charity.

1. Mailing address and phone number: One of the most critical things to check is that you ensure the correct telephone number and mailing address of the person or organization to who you are donating. You can double check the details over internet or by rechecking the information booklet.

2. Administrative Cost: It is important to check how much money does organization spends on poor and needy people and how much it spends on administrative cost. Sometimes charitable organization has huge administrative costs which might seem to be excessive and if in case you are unsatisfied with their Overhead expenditure it is better to look for other feasible organizations.

3. Professional Solicitors: Inquire if there are professional solicitors hired on job and what percentage they are paid on bringing donation to the organization.

4. Tax Deductible Donation: Even though doing charity is a noble deed in Islam, people making charity also want to claim certain benefits out of in terms of tax rebate. Hence it is feasible to inquire if donations made to certain organizations are tax deductible or not. For individuals who are looking forward to get some deduction, they must look for trusts that offer them the deduction.

5. Person Responsible of Organization: It is always advisable to ask about president, governing body or advisory board of the charity. If in case all the parties are unknown it is good to check with other reputable trusts and get registered with them.

6. Inquire about Documents: Inquire about certain kinds of documents from the organization which can authenticate their viability. Some of the documents which can be inquired or demanded include copy of their annual report, yearly financial statements, IRS form 990, etc.


Keeping in mind facts mentioned above can really help an individual choose a trustable charitable organization that in real terms is making contributions for help of poor and needy people and giving them opportunities to live a better and happy life.

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