Importance of Education and schooling in Islam

 Jamea Al Kauthar

Education is the most powerful source of knowledge that can help an individual to find the right path. Islam is one of the most important religions in the world that aims to teach young people about importance of joining schools and gaining education. Imparting education amongst children is one of the most important things that are taught in Islam and it can help them become knowledgeable and an intelligent individual. Those individuals belonging from poor financial background, often need to leave their study in between due to financial crisis. In such a situation, such kids are left deprived of the chance to make their own destiny. However, in Islam there are so many charitable organizations that come for the rescue of children, and provide their parents with funds to continue education for children. Apart from charitable organizations, Muslims from the community also come ahead for this noble task to help children and provide them a successful life. Contributing for the education of children is considered as one of the most important charities in Islam and such charities can help Muslims lead a healthy and successful life in their career. If you are a contributor in Islamic religion then you can easily lead a successful life by being close to the religion and also contributing in giving good learning to other individuals in the society. It is the primary objective of being follower of Islam and being true Muslim.

Importance of providing Education of girls

Girl’s education is also gaining importance in Islam and in Muslim countries. Women are achieve similar heights as that of men, and are walking along with them in every phase of life. Considering the fact, various Muslims are coming forward to make donations for providing girl’s education in Islamic secondary school and giving a boost to education amongst girls and boys. Muslims interested in making significant contributions to Islamic education can also make contributions either in monetary terms or can offer services by contributing in teaching of Islamic courses to young ones. It is an important part of every Muslim’s life and if you are a Muslim then you would realize the importance of donations as one of the strongest pillars of Islamic education.

Making contribution for education of children is even considered a part of Sadaqah Jariyah. For contributions made under Sadaqah are believed to benefit donors even after their life. Hence for their good deeds they can expect to receive continuous benefits, especially when because of their donations children are able to live a successful and happy life. It is a duty of every Muslim to donate in one way or the other and contribute towards making society better place to live in. Education and schooling are the most important things that can help individuals lead a good life. Education is not limited to learning about subjects but also being aware about teachings of your religion and what are the key things that you need to adopt.

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