CISSP: Understanding the Certification and Job Opportunities

 Jennifer Balsom

Every certification boosts your career in some of the ways and opens up many avenues. CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional is an independent security certification provided by International Information System Security Certification Consortium, also known as (ISC) ². A Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) plans, manages and designs to keep the business secure. CISSPs are leaders and policymakers in today’s hottest security domain, cryptography, application development security and risk management.

Skills Measured by CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification exam measures the below skills in the information security domain:

  1. Access control
  2. Network and Telecommunication security
  3. Risk management and Information Security Governance
  4. Cryptography
  5. Security Design and Architecture
  6. Application development security
  7. Operations security
  8. Disaster recovery planning and Business continuity
  9. Compliance
  10. Environmental Security

CISSP Eligibility Criteria

A candidate must meet the below criteria’s to sit for the CISSP certification exam.

Five years of working experience in any two of the security domains mentioned above or four years of experience plus a degree from regional National Center of Academic Excellence. The degree can account for the year of experience.

Also, to complete the CISSP certification the candidates must further ensure the following

  • You should commit to (ISC)² Code of Ethics
  • The professional experience must be attested for proof
  • Answer the four questions of criminal history
  • Pass the (ISC) ² certification

All about the CISSP certification exam

  • Candidates must pass one exam (ISC)2 CISSP Certification Exam to become CISSP certified
  • The length is 250 questions which have to be completed in the time limit of 6 hours
  • The passing score is 700 out of 1000 and the cost is $549 USD for early registration & $599 USD for standard registration
  • The test format consists of multiple choice questions and computer-based testing (CBT)
  • The exam is held globally in any of the Pearson VUE test centers

Job opportunities you will have on passing the CISSP certification exam

Since it has started in 1989, the CISP has been very popular over two and half a decades and thus speak volumes of the popularity. As in today’s changing world, the CISSP has stayed relevant and in the top of the list. If you look at the salary a professional gets on getting CISSP certified is as much as 25% more than the non-certified counterparts. According to the Tech Republic surveys, CISSP professionals are at the number 4 in the top 15 highest paying jobs. And according to Indeed, the CISSP professionals get around $32,413 to $143,739 on an average. Thus we can see information security becoming more and more indispensable in the organization and CISSP cert holder are more in demand now.

With survey on Global Workforce study in the developing nations worldwide shows inflation in the need of CISSP certified professionals.

When you enter the IT as a junior level assistant and work in an IT security role, you generally find a steep learning curve. After some years of experience, you will be at a point to move to the next level in Cybersecurity. Enter CISSP as you know getting it will give a great payroll bonus and not forgetting to mentions the opportunities with Big4 accounting firms, IT MNCs and large investment & retail banks. Nevertheless getting CISSP certified not only let you earn a good amount of money but also you will get immense respect as a security expert.

Get CISSP Certified

No wonder from the aforementioned points you had an idea how getting CISSP certified may be the best decision you can make today. With the budding growth of technology like Cloud computing, Social Media engagement, Data-driven solutions, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) the need for CISSP professional is ever growing. Get the CISSP certification now and glorify your career to reach new heights.

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