Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Uttarakhand

 Vishnu Kumar
87Q_1531124821_1.jpg Uttarakhand

The state dwelling the beauty of mesmerizing vistas, snow-capped mountains, unusual quietude, vibrant wildlife, quaint lakes has been the favourite of honeymooners from the last couple of decades. Visitors love to stroll in dense forests, enjoying adventurous activities, and capturing romantic moments here.

Nestled in Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand is a soothing retreat for every lovebird, come to visit it. Whether its summers or you are visiting it in winters, Uttarakhand is lovable during all the months of a year. Here are some of the famous tourist destinations in Uttarakhand that must be visited by every honeymoon couple.

Auli: Abode in the wilderness

The people who want something more than the usual scenic views and exhilarating experiences, Auli is the perfect place for them. Specifically known for offering winter sports and thrilling adventure activities, Auli is the place which is capable of attracting thousands of visitors every year.

What are some romantic things that can be enjoyed in Auli?

• Enjoy the mesmerizing view of Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nikanth, and Hathi Parvat

• Enjoy a gondola ride

• Don’t forget to enjoy skiing at Auli Ski Station

• A tour to Chenab lake

Dehradun: One of the most beautiful capital cities

Nestled in the heart of the Doon Valley, the capital city is one of the favourites of honeymooners. One of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a modern city with the beautiful scenic vistas. You can also prefer Mussoorie after visiting Dehradun as you can reach there by covering just 38 km.

What are some romantic things that can be enjoyed in Dehradun?

• Excursion to robber’s cave

• An unforgettable trip to Tapovan

• A thrilling noon visit to tiger-falls

• Enjoy water activities at famous water sports resort – Asan Barrage

• Enjoy a visit to Sahastradhara

Mussoorie: Queen of Hills

Enjoy the enchanting views while reaching up to the hill-station by hitting topsy-turvy roads. Mussoorie is truly a heaven in terms of beautiful vistas and pleasant weather during all the seasons. Mussoorie is one of the favourite destinations of newlywed couples.

What are some romantic things that can be enjoyed in Mussoorie?

• Romantic boat ride in Mussoorie Lake and the famous Lake Mist

• Visit Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

• Enjoy Cable Car ride from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill

Kausani: Blessed with unmatched natural vistas

People who would like to wake up to the scenic views of snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, Kausani is nestled for them. One of the favourite honeymoon places in North India, Kausani displays spectacular views of beautiful lush grasslands and stunning snow-clad peaks. One of the most preferred attractions is Trishul Peaks, Nanda Devi, Badrinath, Kedarnath, and Bandarpoonch.

What are some romantic things can be enjoyed in Kausani?

• Enjoy short romantic strolls through the dense forests

• Take a walk through scenic Kausani estates

• And don’t forget to visit the 12th century made Baijnath Temple on the Bank of Gomti River.

Nainital: Heaven nestled in Kumaon region

Nestled in the lap of scenic mountains, Nainital is popular for its beautiful Naini Lake and inclined roads leading up to the famous marketplaces. Exciting viewpoints and amazing experiences make Nainital a favourite destination of the honeymooners and lovebirds.

What are some romantic things can be enjoyed in Nainital?

· Romantic boat ride in Naini Lake

· Walking up to the Tiffin Top

· Enjoy the view of the snow viewpoint

· Witness the view of Naina Peak too

Ranikhet: A perfect honeymoon destination during all seasons

Surrounded by nature’s beauty, Ranikhet is beautifully captured in the picture-perfect frame. If you want to spend some romantic moments between scenic vistas and far from hustle and bustle, Ranikhet is the place specially carved for you.

What are some romantic things can be enjoyed in Ranikhet?

• Pay a visit to Chaubatia Garden and fruit orchards

• Enjoy Excursion to Bhalu Dam and adjoining garden area

• Witness the breathtaking views of Mount Trishul from Majkhali

When the relaxing time comes after the hectic formalities of a wedding, A loving couple thinks to enjoy their honeymoon at some beautiful location. And Uttarakhand comes out with a most preferred choice by every honeymoon couple. So, it’s time to book Uttarakhand honeymoon package to unveil the charm of lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains.

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