The 5 Different Types of Co-working Spaces

 Rajesh Luthra

Co-working is the new trend among the upcoming entrepreneurs all over the world. Although the concept of co-working has been popular in other developed countries over the past few years, India too is not so far behind as 2016 has seen a major rise in new co-working space openings. The main perk of joining a co-working space is that you don’t have to indulge in the hassle of setting up your own office. Apart from that a shared office space caters to a different kind of audience and provides a good platform to build your business network. If you are joining a co-working space, then choose wisely as there are different type of co-work spaces. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Specialized Co-working Spaces-

A specialized co-working space is very specific while renting out their corporate space and infrastructure. Their motive is to spark idea generation among their members, similar to an accelerator. For this to happen, they cater to the mainly similar field of occupation. This is great because working in this type of environment can help you learn a lot of things and obviously people would be more genuine here as there is hardly an office politics involved. They would also organize fundraiser events, so brilliant ideas can turn into a reality.

Conventional Co-working space-

A conventional type of co-working space usually targets startups and freelancers, who are looking for an office space for rent. They have all the facilities an office would require for their employees to be productive like high-speed internet, good coffee, air conditioning, etc. A conventional office space organizes events at their workspace so that the members can take something valuable from the events.

Fancy Co-working spaces-

The main focus of these type of co-working space is to create an ambience that would attract a quality crowd. They believe in work hard and play harder moto, so they have fancy furniture, lighting, game hubs, good food and so much more. Like the conventional co-working spaces, this type of co-working spaces also organize events like art exhibitions and seminars. The members of the office space, also get discounts to restaurants and gyms.

Corporate Co-working spaces-

These co-working office space are not much different from the usual corporate office you would go to, at an MNC. The main business here is to provide office space for more and more working professionals. These office space wouldn’t have many areas for people to relax and chill instead they would have huge rooms with the long line of working desks.

Open Co-working spaces-

An open co-working space is usually really big in size. They cater to different type of fields and businesses instead of focusing on just one. They would have different packages for working professionals like a part-time desk, privately dedicated desk and team cabins.

So, before choosing a co-working office space on your friend’s recommendation, do find out under what category does that co-working space comes and is it beneficial for you or not.

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