Why do Businesses need Smart IVR System in the Customer Service Department?

 Patrick Cummins

To keep running the business for a long-term, it is significant to handle customer service department perfectly. This is so because if customers get bad support service experience in a streak, they are more likely to leave the brand. This is nothing but a nightmare from the business’s point of view.

The biggest task that comes in front of businesses while handling customer service department is high call volume. This factor cannot be taken lightly because companies get maximum support requests on the voice channel. If industry reports are anything to go by, 60% of customers like to place a call when they are in need of a support service.

To make sure that customers calls get answered in a perfect manner, business owners generally choose an option of outsourcing a call center service. However, businesses can easily handle customer calls if they bring a smart IVR system in their customer service department.

Having a reliable IVR system is fundamental because it offers customers multiple options to resolve the different type of glitches without taking assistance from support agents. This maintains CX levels, which, in turn, leads to strong business’s reputation.

Have a look at the following crucial reasons that would tell why a smart IVR system should be available in the customer service department:

· First call resolution

Well, the voice channel has always been very close to customers’ hearts as it offers a human touch that other support platforms don’t. To maintain the integrity of the business, it is significant to render prodigious solutions whenever customer calls arrive.

However, providing splendid solutions isn’t easy, especially when you have mammoth call traffic to deal with. Here, the need for reliable IVR system arises as it connects customers to the best-qualified support agents, which, in turn, improves the odds of rendering quick resolutions and achieving high FCR rate.

Furthermore, when support calls get connected to the right department, this not only saves a significant amount of time but also maintains customer satisfaction. As a positive outcome, this results in a strengthened customer base. What’s more, reliable IVR system lends a hand in minimising the wait time.

Therefore, if you really want to handle customer calls to perfection, implement IVR system ASAP. Or simply opt for outsourcing a call center service.

· 24*7 customer service

In this customer-centric era, it is extremely important for businesses to play their cards right while handling support requests. It is so because any minor mistake while handling queries could affect customer satisfaction, which may trigger negative WOM. This is surely not good for the business’s brand image.

Nowadays, customers want companies to be available around-the-clock so that desired solutions can be availed at anytime from anywhere. However, rendering 24*7 customer service isn’t a cakewalk as you have to be sure that required resources are available at the disposal.

Here, only two options left for business owners — compromise with their budget to bring the necessary resources and take help from a specialised service provider. MNCs may be fine with these two options but what about SMEs? Here, the best way to save the business’s bottom line is employing the IVR system.

By means of the IVR system, customers can easily get the resolutions of basic issues round-the-clock. Furthermore, CX levels are less likely to drop if your in-house support agents aren’t available after hours. This should be enough to understand the significance of the IVR system.

· Seamless handling of high call volume

Do you know why business owners opt for outsourcing a call center service? No? Well, the major reason behind this is that dealing with a myriad of customer calls on a regular basis gives an exasperating experience. To skip all the hassle, businesses avail customer care services from reputed vendors like BPO companies, inbound call centres, etc.

However, businesses can deal with high call volume easily if they bring a smart IVR system in the customer service department. The major reason behind why we are saying this is customers sometimes don’t seek a human response as all they want is resolutions of generic issues. Here, having a reliable IVR system is nothing less than a blessing.

It is so because millennial customers often solve annoying issues on their own by simply choosing an appropriate option from the IVR menu. Owing to this, an average number of requests gets reduced to a large extent, which consequently, results in the better management of queries. In addition, this also ensures a response for those customers who often prefer to have a word with support agents.

All in all, having a reliable IVR system is vital for businesses that want to handle customer service department without taking any external help.

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