Acoustic Enclosures and Their Benefits in Industrial Applications

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The utilization of heavy duty machinery in industries is ever-growing and has been the disruption in endless applications. However, machines result in an unacceptable level of noise pollution and thus create an unbearable ambience for the workers and personnel belonging to the workplace. The increase in noise levels creates a huge risk and is termed as a health and safety disaster.

Sound attenuation chambers are a prime requisite in industries and help dampen the sounds and vibrations being generated from machinery. Noise is a harmful elements that can disrupt the efficiency and performance within any workplace and also leads to health issues. An acoustic enclosure forms to be the most viable remedy to attenuate the levels of noise being produced and also lead towards a suitable work environment that will be acceptable for the employees.

A prefabricated noise barrier enclosure acts as a capable medium that prevents the flow of sound and thus maintains the desired ambience in order to ensure maximum efficiency from the workplace.

Noise Proof Enclosures for Industrial Purpose

Any machine noise can be successfully alleviated with the utilization of sound barrier enclosures. These enclosures are formed of prefabricated panels that are attached in situ and create a space that is able to either enclose all the noise within or prevents outside sounds from penetrating. The lightweight panels and highly durable components make transportation and installation simple and thus serve to be a viable solution for noise reduction.

Such enclosures are custom build as per specific orders and are offered in a choice of designs to suit the particular needs of the client. This creates flexibility is design and installation thus maximizing efficiency and performance. The panels and components are durable, corrosion resistant and serve extended lifespan in order to be relocated to new destinations as well.

The typical applications of acoustic wall panels:

  • Attenuation of noise from pumps and motors
  • Help prevent machine noise
  • All sounds from cutting, drilling and milling can be alleviated by soundproof enclosures
  • Acoustic panels are installed to create quiet rooms
  • Insulation of noise in condenser rooms and air conditioning units
  • Control rooms with acoustic panels for complete sound detonation

Managing workplace noise is a big challenge for industries. Machines tend to create enormous levels of noise and this contradicts the specified standard limits. With the utilization of acoustic panels to line the walls and enclosures, it is possible to achieve desired sound limits.

These panels not only serve the best function but also have a desirable aesthetic appeal as well and thus require no finishing. The longevity and ultimate durability of these panels have been the prime factor resulting in their immense popularity in industrial applications.

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