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The economy, in today’s world, has its own set of challenges. Each company has to market its product not only in domestic circuit but globally. The internet and e-business has widened the arena immensely and there are virtually no boundaries to do business. The service sector has harder challenges to face than other any other industry. Insurance companies, financial service providers and the communication segment are a few sectors where, each day many products are launched.

A novel way of aiming a large section of your market was through e-mails. Just by the click of a mouse, one single message is sent simultaneously to many at one time. With the prevalence of mobile phones and the facility of small messaging services i.e. SMS, marketing has found a new method. Choosing a number of contacts and sending a single message to all made work easy. At times there are pre-recorded messages that are transmitted to the selected numbers. Every day we all find our mail box bombarded with a lot of mails which are purely advertisements with just a hope that it would be attended/read if it is of interest to the reader. Yet these techniques fail.

Many of products are not generic so it is necessary to pick and choose the target group to market to. An auto dialer software is used to choose the right segment from the huge database of clients. It makes the job of a customer rep a lot easier and the time conventionally used in establishing a hot call is reduced drastically. Calling each client would take a lot of time and may not be the right thing to do. Frequent marketing calls often put-off a client and may prove to be hara-kiri to the company. This is where intelligent outbound dialers come to the rescue.

Business does not stop in just sales. It goes beyond that to make a presence in the market. Every company establishes a call centre for after sales tracking and follow-up. Once a product has been sold, it is necessary to get a feed-back from the purchaser on the performance of it. It could be for a simple gadget as a mixer-grinder to a swanky sports car. Most things need regular servicing and it can be tracked by the call-centre which is provided with all details of the buyer. A call centre software is used for the purpose. These software bring out specific details from a huge database of purchasers from across the globe. It is possible that many callers would be dialling simultaneously. The software’s job is to route the call to any attendant whose phone is currently not busy. Calls are attended and transferred on a first come first serve basis.

For call centres that are involved in telemarketing the problem faced is loss of valuable time in waiting for the call to be received. Some may be to a number already engaged in another call or to an answering machine. Predicitve dialer software solves the problem by eliminating such numbers and only connecting the real time calls to the call centre worker, saving valuable working hour time.

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