Craft Your Projects with Polystyrene Balls

 Robert Clark

Whether they’re being used for packaging or as the integral part of a cupboard or box, polystyrene balls feature heavily in a variety of industrial uses.

In addition, they’re also on the wish list of many craftspeople. This is because there are simply so many uses for them.

So, if you happen to have one or more large polystyrene balls in the UK then you’re in luck because there are literally tons of things you can do with them. Below are some of the ways you can use polystyrene balls for craft projects.

Christmas Decorations
Deck the halls with polystyrene balls might rhyme, but it hasn’t got quite a festive ring to it (and it’s a bit of a mouthful). However, when you consider that the many uses you could put the balls to, you’ll soon start to see why it should become the epitome of your Yuletide celebrations. Why not create tree ornaments (with sequins, glitter or decoupage paper), a large pudding decoration for the centre of your table, or use glitter coated balls as the centre of your room decoration (in replacement of balloons)?

Whether you’re creating a bouquet or a display, as a florist polystyrene was meant for you. Of course, if you’re using fresh flowers, you’d probably be better using an oasis which can soak up water. However, many people, and many brides for that matter, prefer the use of artificial or dried flowers because the effects last so much longer.

Alternatively, many people are considering beads and brooches, crocheted flowers or origami ones which can be used in place of flowers for their bouquets. Polystyrene offers a perfect solution, because items can be pinned into it easily, giving a great shape and a sturdy foundation to a display.

Table Centrepieces
Whether you’re planning your Wedding Breakfast or a fancy dinner party, there can’t be enough emphasis on table decoration. Make your centrepieces too large and people will be straining around them to carry on a conversation. Alternatively, if they’re too small, they won’t be seen and appreciated. However, using a large ball as your starting template and adding flowers, beads, feathers, gems or even chocolates can give you a tastefully sized table centrepiece with the wow factor.

Hanging Decorations
If you’ve been bitten by the crafting bug, and you want to get your children involved too, a polystyrene ball is a great project for them. These carry paint easily and thanks to their shape, you can create a variety of models, including dolls, bears, animals and people shapes. If you’re feeling particularly creative and/or brave, you could create an entire solar system with a ball for each planet and some smaller balls for stars and moons.

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