Must Have Security Features For Any Taxi Hailing System

 Shady Johnson

Thanks to the changing trends in taxi hailing business, many entrepreneurs have entered this business with their own applications which serve the customers and earn a good amount of money for them. If we go deep into it, most of them have joined the taxi-hailing business under the influence of success story of Uber. Well, Uber sits on the number 1 position in this business by providing their ride-hailing services to their users. With attractive and user-friendly modules of the application, Uber has set a bar for all other companies and entrepreneurs of this business.

However, with the changing time and technology, many challenges are yet to be faced by Uber. As with time users have been expecting more from Uber. They want their security issue addressed by them as soon as possible. As the Uber want to continue on their number 1 position, they have implemented highly advanced features in their application. Again this has raised the requirement for other applications to include such features in their applications too.

For the entrepreneurs, it is not easy to cop up with such advanced requirements of their users. Also, the problem of the budget is always a barrier in their way. Therefore, having a solution that can assure them with the similar working features of the application like Uber with the flexibility of budget is a boon. With the help of uber clone app available in the market, they can get their requirements fulfilled in a single solution. However, the application they choose or develop must contain the following security features:

Safety Center

The safety center is a one-stop feature which includes all the information, do's and don'ts for your safety, complete details of rules and regulations and many more which ensures users' safety. Therefore, it is important to include the same feature in your application too. It helps in scoring good points when the customers are specifically concerned about their safety.

Emergency Contacts

When in need, you can contact your trusted 5 contacts through the panic button available in your application. If in any situation, you do not feel safe then you can contact your trusted contacts by using the panic button. The application will send your current location along with driver details to these contacts. Also, whenever users take a ride through the application the ride details will be shared with these contacts also. They can even track the users' ride throughout the time. This is an inevitable feature to include.

SOS Panic Button

During the ride, if the user feels unsafe or any emergency situation occurs, pressing the panic button will inform the ride details and current location to a nearby police station and also will send the data to users' trusted contacts. Adding this feature helps in adding another security measure in your application.

Driver Background Checks Performed Annually

To ensure the users' safety, Uber and other companies firstly run a background check on the driver before selecting one. As per the new security policy of Uber, they have decided to run a background check on their drivers annually to notice any involvement in criminal activities. Therefore, despite being bound by the rules and regulations followed by the respective countries, Uber has decided to continue this practice even if not required.

As Uber has been serving the customers from 65 different countries and a total of 600 cities worldwide, it has become a necessary step to implement all these security features in their applications to ensure their users' safety and security. Therefore, being a newcomer or a competitor of Uber requires you to implement all these features or some of them in your application.

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