Halls of Residence in London – Ideal Accommodation for Overseas Students

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Halls of Residence are one of the best types of accommodation for students who move abroad for their studies. These halls offer a safe space wherein students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds get to know one another and make memories for a lifetime. They learn to be self-sufficient, help each other, and develop a sense of community. These halls have gained popularity in London over the last few years. Given the large volume of students who move to the city year after year, several top universities in the city are unable to accommodate everyone, which is why the significance of these private halls has increased in the present scenario.

A hall of residence is a relatively cheap student accommodation as compared to ensuite and studio rooms, and may be availed at extremely economical rates. By and large, there are two types of halls of residence available:

(i) Campus Halls of Residence: These types of halls are located inside university and college campuses. Residents need to abide by the rules and regulations of the campus, which may not be as flexible at times. This type of accommodation is convenient for first year students who are still in the process of familiarizing themselves with the campus, but tend to be less popular with the rest of the student population owing to the limited privacy.

(ii) Private Halls of Residence: These types of halls are offered by private agencies, accommodation providers, or landlords. Such places may be rented by individuals on a contractual basis. Usually, the rental agreement is for a period of 52 weeks. Such halls are considered as the best student accommodation by many, but they are relatively more expensive as compared to the university halls. Still, they have several advantages that are not available in campus halls. A major perk is the promise of greater freedom of lifestyle. While university halls have strict rules, private ones tend to be far more flexible to accommodate your personal lifestyle choices. Besides, they provide students with more frequent opportunities to connect with professionals from the outside world, which may be helpful for their future.

Apart from halls of residence, there are many other types of accommodation available, but the halls have some special advantages. Students can easily enjoy the company of fellow residents from different courses and years. In case of private halls, they can also get acquainted with those from other universities. There is no doubt that apartments offer a greater degree of privacy but, the ease of getting assistance from other undergraduates poses a unique advantage. This does not mean that other types of accommodations are less significant. As a matter of fact, it depends upon personal preferences, which is a deciding factor in selecting a room type. On the other hand, one’s budget must also be taken into consideration when picking a place to stay. Halls are cheaper as compared to other types of accommodation, due to which many prefer to live there. Several people live there for the first year, then shift to apartments afterwards.

Halls have a number of facilities that students require. Free Wi-Fi connection is provided to all for internet access through their mobile phones and laptops. Entertainment facilities such as television and games rooms can also be found in the halls. Designated study areas make it easier to focus on getting work done while fully-functional gym and onsite laundry ensure residents never have to leave the site for their daily routine. Additional perks like swimming pools and barbecues ensure that there is always something else to do when one needs a break from studies.

There are private gardens and courtyards that allow students to wander in nature to take their mind off things. In addition, safety measures like CCTV cameras, restricted access, and secure door entry ensure that students have a hassle-free university experience.

Availing the halls is not an arduous task in the present scenario as the online option has eased the entire process. For campus halls, you need to contact university authorities through online or offline procedure. For private halls, you may simply visit the websites of agencies or housing assistance providers to surf the halls that meet your budget, desired location, and additional requirements. Such halls are available at many locations across London. It is advisable to pick whichever is the closest to your university of study to cut down on both commute time and expenses. That being said, some may prefer to live near the city centre even if that means taking public transport to reach lectures on time. Either way, it is easier than ever to confirm the availability of beds in student halls online and book the right place to stay from the comfort of one’s own couch before moving abroad.

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