8 Time-Saving Tools Every HR Manager Needs to Know

 Eric Gordon
H5H_1510145147_1.jpeg Even HR managers could use the help of specialized apps.

A younger generation is changing the workforce with new expectations and demands as Baby Boomers retire. The task of managing changing technologies and workplaces presents new challenges to HR. Fortunately, there are also a number of excellent tools online to make the growing list of HR responsibilities easier to manage. If you're feeling overwhelmed, the following applications can save you time and boost your productivity.

1. Zenefits

This program is designed to automate a number of your administrative chores. Zenefits helps in several operational roles, such as taxes, payroll, insurance, benefits, disability, and managing personnel records. Originally a free tool for core HR activities, it now has built-in functionality for a suite of tools that include time sheet tracking, attendance, and compensation package management, including stock options. You can also use it to run reports and perform analysis of your company's use of resources.

Zenefits is an all-in-one HR solution for small to medium businesses that functions over mobile networks. It also allows integration with a broad range of apps architected to run on Zenefit's platform.

2. Staff Squared

This tool was specifically tailored to meet the HR requirements of small businesses, but without the obligatory U.S. regulations because it does not cover payroll functions. This makes Staff Squared suitable for offshore companies as well. It's a cloud-based system that provides many other HR functions, such as employee performance, administration of taxes, insurance, attendance, document management, and more.

Online access to your files also means you can reference or share them at any time, and from anywhere. You can perform all your tasks if working from home or on the road to meetings or conferences. But the most appealing part of this software may be that where other apps aren't particularly user-friendly, Staff Squared is very easy to learn and use.

Where other apps require a learning curve, this one provides some of the most powerful tools through one of the simplest, visually appealing, and most intuitive interfaces.

3. BambooHR

This software enables you to put all your employees' files into a central database to make administration easier. You can bring up information to instantly get details on vacation time, work schedules, benefits, and all the other things HR departments need to know. It's a much more streamlined approach than the spreadsheets or database queries you may be accustomed to.

One of its best features is an onboarding tool for managing new hires. This includes the ability to send emails to welcome new hires, introduce them to their co-workers, and keep them informed of planned events for their first day on the job.

4. Trello

Today's companies are increasingly turning to remote workers and compartmentalized teams for handling special projects. This creates more administrative burdens for HR. Trello approaches this situation by providing the ability to easily create to-do lists, set priorities, schedule tasks, set deadlines, and get an overview snapshot of progress.

The real advantage of Trello is that it allows management to gain transparency into what's taking place. Trello makes it easy to create and organize notes in a range of configurations and categories, including specific employees or contractors. Everyone involved can see at a glance who is responsible for which task and what they've accomplished.

Trello makes it possible to stay oriented on progress, whether from the perspective of an individual team member or a senior executive overseeing several projects. It makes it particularly easy for HR to track employees. You can also sync Trello across multiple mobile devices so you can stay in touch with every member of the staff.

5. Dropbox

Sharing files across the cloud has become an essential tool for today's companies. Dropbox has been one of the leaders in this service for some years, providing the ability to archive and organize whatever you want to upload. Any file you want can then be shared with one or multiple co-workers.

A single repository makes it simpler to manage your files and keep different versions synchronized with changes. This allows your HR team more time for productivity compared to searching through desktop or server folder hierarchies for the information you need.

6. Slack

The developers at Slack have come up with a good system to take control over your cluttered inbox and transform it into a productive tool for your company. This is an internal communications solution with powerful search capabilities designed with enterprise organizations in mind.

You can create new channels for different projects or departments or private channels for confidential exchange of messages. It operates over a range of desktop and mobile platforms to keep your staff in touch at all times.

7. Upwork

Upwork was created as a freelance site that also makes recruitment easier. It allows you to locate the right candidates from a global pool, connect with quality contractors, and secure protections and guarantees for your company.

It gives you ability to outsource projects with confidence and manage remote workers without having to worry about deadlines. Upwork takes care of that aspect for you. There's even a messaging feature so you communicate with these candidates and view samples of their work.

8. Social Media

Major social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are becoming popular sites for providing employers with promising candidates. Company recruiters search them frequently to locate candidates with specific skills, qualifications, or experience in a desired field.

Not long ago, this was rarely the case, but LinkedIn in particular has become the mecca for professional profiles and digital resumes. Other social networks are following up with sophisticated search tools and mobile apps. Online hunting for top candidates is now a norm, and many businesses are actively pursuing potential star performers.

To conclude, HR is becoming an increasingly complex and technical field. But as your responsibilities increase, you'll find a variety of helpful tools to keep up with modern business and make your job easier.

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Contributing Organization: Eric D. Gordon, Business and Tech Writer

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